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Catalog 2004-2005
Information Systems (BS)
Requirements of the Major
School of Administration and Business
Course Descriptions Convener: Stephen I. Klein

Professional Core:   
BATG 221 Principles of Financial Accounting 3 crs.
BATG 222 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 crs.
BBAD 223 Business Law I 3 crs.
BBAD 225 Management Statistics 3 crs.
BINF 224 Principles of Information Technology 3 crs.
BMGT 301 Management Theory and Practice 3 crs.
BMKT 301 Marketing Principles and Practices 3 crs.
BFIN 301 Corporate Finance I 3 crs.
BBAD 495 Strategic Management 4 crs.
Information Systems Core:
BINF 331 Systems Analysis and Design 3 crs.
BINF 332 Data Base Management Systems 3 crs.
BINF 233 Programming in Visual Basic 3 crs.
BINF 335 Networks and Distributed Processing 3 crs.
BINF 441 Managing Information Systems 3 crs.
Elective Courses chosen from the following list * 12 crs.
  BINF 315 Computer Law and Ethics
BINF 240 Web Site Development
BINF 350 Advanced Programming in Visual Basic
BINF 255 Multimedia Web Design
BINF 301 Programming in Java
BINF 402 Advanced Information Technologies
BINF 422 Decision Support Systems
BINF 444 Intelligent Information Systems
BINF 450 Electronic Commerce

  Minimum 55 crs.
A minor is not available.

Double majors within SAB are not permitted, except with Economics.

*Elective requirement may also be satisfied by any additional BINF course(s) (except BINF 388), or up to 6 credits chosen from the list of approved Computer Science courses.

NOTE: Students interested in programs involving the study of computing should also note the College’s Computer Science major.
SAB School Core Requirements

BBAD 115 Perspectives of Business and Society
(waived for transfer students with 60 or more credits)
4 crs.
B/MECO 113 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 crs.
BECO 114 Microeconomics 3 crs.
A designated international category course 3 crs.
A designated course in organizational theory and behavior 3 crs.
BINF 315 Computer Law & Ethics or other ethics course 3 crs.

  Minimum 19 crs.

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