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Catalog 2004-2005
Music (BA)
School of Contemporary Arts

Requirements of the Major
Requirements of the Minor

Career Paths
Convener: Roger O. Johnson
Advisors: Mack Brandon
Kai Fikentscher
Arnold Jones

About the Major

The Music Major has a distinctly contemporary focus. The curricular streams of performance, musicology, business and production, and education are offered in a program that encourages students to help create their music education. Courses are offered in popular music, African-American, traditional, contemporary and world music, music industry, technology, composition and song writing.

There are active vocal, instrumental, and music theater ensembles, including the Gospel Chorus and the Ramapo Chorale, with opportunities for private instruction and public performance. Music students can also take full advantage of opportunities provided in radio, film, new media, web design, recording, theater, communication, and business. There are many exciting internship opportunities, as well as other valuable experiential resources.

Students completing this program will receive a B.A. degree. Teacher Certification for teaching K through 12 is available, as is a minor in Music.

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