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Catalog 2004-2005
Spanish Language Studies
Requirements of the Minor
School of American and International Studies
Course Descriptions Convener: Vassiliki Flenga

NOTE: A school core is NOT required for completion of the minor.
Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.

ALNG 141/142 Foundations of Spanish I and II* (6)-8 crs.
ALNG 241/242 Intermediate Spanish I and II 6 crs.
Two courses at the 300-level chosen from the following 6 crs.
  ALNG 320 Literatura y cine en América Latina
(Latin American Literature and Film) 
ALNG 327 Voces e imágenes femeninas hispanas
(Hispanic Women's Voices and Images)
ALNG 331 Cultura y sociedad en América Latina
(Latin American Culture and Society)
ALNG 345 El arte de conversar en español
(The Art of Conversation in Spanish)
ALNG 347 El arte de leer en español
(The Art of Reading in Spanish)
ALNG 349 Civilización española
(Spanish Civilization)
ALNG 341 El español para los negocios I
(Business Spanish I)
ALNG 343 El español a través de las artes visuales (Spanish through Artists)
One course at the 400-level chosen from the following 3 crs.
  ALNG 410 Literatura hispanoamericana hasta 1900
(Latin American Literature To 1900)
ALNG 430 Literatura hispanoamericana a partir de 1900 (Latin American Literature Since 1900)
ALNG 442 El español para los negocios II
(Business Spanish II)
ALNG 443 El arte de escribir y las técnicas de investigación formal (The Art of Writing and Formal Research Techniques)
ALNG 445 Gramática española avanzada
(Advanced Spanish Grammar)

  Minimum 21-23 crs.

*Students with prior expertise in a Spanish language may petition for credit by taking the NYU exams or may complete the 21-23 credits required in the minor by taking upper level courses.

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