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Catalog 2004-2005
Public Policy
Requirements of the Minor
School of American and International Studies
Course Descriptions Convener: Wayne Hayes

NOTE: A school core is NOT required for completion of the minor.
Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.

APOL 107 Introduction to Political Science or B/MECO 113 Intro to Macroeconomics 3 crs.
APOL 223 American Government 3 crs.
APOL 210/ SENV 207 Public Policy 3 crs.
Research Methods Course (select one of the following) 3-4 crs.
  BBAD 225 Management Statistics
M/SPSY 242 Statistics
MSOC 308 Social Statistics with Computer
Two process courses (from the list below) 6 crs.
One content area course (from the list below) 3 crs.

  Minimum 21-22 crs.
An internship is recommended but is optional.

*Approved list (consult with advisor):

Process courses:
MLWS 131 Introduction to Law and Society
ALWS 121 Introduction to Law and Justice
BBAD 327 Organization Theory and Behavior
APOL 321 Supreme Court and Human Freedoms

Content area courses:
SGEO 202 Resources and Society
SENV 223 Energy and Society
SGEO 303 Water Resources
BIBS 202 Canada/U.S. Economic/Political Relations

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