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Catalog 2004-2005
Law and Society: Law and Justice Track (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of American and International Studies
Course Descriptions Convener: Mark Howenstein

Foundation Courses 6 crs.
  ALWS 121 Introduction to Law and Justice
MLWS 131 Introduction to Law and Society
Core 9 crs.
  AHST 260 Ancient Law
AHST 205 Medieval Law and Society
AHST 267 American Legal History
Comparative Legal Process (choose ONE of the following) 3 crs.
  AANT 210 Legal Anthropology
AHST 355 Human Rights in Latin America
ALWS 201 Comparative Legal Systems
ALWS 206 Comparative Perspective of Human Rights
ALWS 345 Ancient Family Law
APOL 357 International Law
Critical Process (choose ONE of the following)
3 crs. 
  APHL 226 Critical Thinking
ALWS 353 Legal Research
Law and Society Electives (THREE courses chosen from list below)*
9-12 crs.
 Senior Requirements 9 crs.
  Senior Requirements Course List
ALWS 321 Field Studies (3 crs.)
ALWS 421 Directed Readings (3 crs.)
ALWS 431 Thesis Supervision Law & Society (3 crs.)

  Minimum 39-42 crs.

Law and Society Electives Course List
ALWS 340 Civil Disobedience
APHL 333 Ethics
APOL 223 American Government
APOL 321 Supreme Court and Human Freedoms
A/MPOL 360 Conflict Resolution
MLWS 202 Famous Trials
MLWS 203 American Criminal Justice System
MLWS 204 Practicum In Community Policing
MLWS 205 Community Policing Institute
MLWS 206 Community Policing Capstone
MLWS 212 Issues in Criminal Justice
MLWS 213 Contemporary Issues in Policing
MLWS 215 Moot Court
MLWS 224 Constitutional Law
MLWS 228 Criminal Law
MLWS 310 Law and the Elderly
MLWS 324 Family Law
MLWS 332 Psychology and the Law
MLWS 334 Juvenile Justice
MLWS 337 Criminal Court Process
MLWS 340 Women & The Law
MLWS 345 Victims and the Law
MLWS 350 Constitutional Liberties
MLWS 390 Topics in Law and Society
MMET 219 Dynamics of Domestic Violence
MMET 285 Special Topics
MSOC 215 Sociology of Race Relations
MSOC 245 Criminology
MSOC 328 Sociology of Community
MSWK 324 Social Welfare and the Law
SENV 326 Environmental Law
AIS School Core Requirements

AAMR 125 Introduction to American Studies 3 crs.
AINS 127 Introduction to International Studies 3 crs.
AHST 107/108 Introduction to U.S. History I or II 3 crs.
Choose one: AHST 101 Western Studies I
AHST 102 Western Studies II
AHST 110 World Civilizations I
AHST 111 World Civilizations II
4 crs.

  Minimum 13 crs.

NOTE: The Law and Society major is offered by both the School of American and International Studies and the School of Social Science and Human Services. All Ramapo students must complete a school core. Law and Society majors must complete either the school core requirements for the School of American and International Studies or the School of Social Science and Human Services.

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