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Catalog 2004-2005
Requirements of the Minor
School of American and International Studies
Course Descriptions Convener: Vassiliki Flenga

NOTE: A school core is NOT required for completion of the minor.
Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.

ALNG 101/102 Foundations of French I and II* (6)-8 crs.
ALNG 201/202 Intermediate French I and II 6 crs.
Two courses at the 300-level chosen from the following 6 crs.
  ALNG 305 Redaction et Conversation (French Conversation and Composition)
ALNG 303 Civilisation Francais (French Civilization)
ALNG 301 Business French I
One course at the 400-level chosen from the following 3 crs.
  ALNG 407 Litterature Francaise (Readings in French Literature)***
ALNG 404 Redaction et Conversation Avancees (Advanced French Conversation and Composition)
ALNG 402 Business French II

  Minimum 21-23 crs.

*Students with prior expertise in French language may petition for credit by taking the NYU exams or may complete the 21-23 credits required in the minor by taking upper level courses.
**Will count toward the minor only if the assignments are completed in the target language.
***Students may take literature courses in French and count them toward the minor by completing all required coursework in French.

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