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School of Theoretical and Applied Science 
Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.) 
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Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.)

Requirements of the Major  Convener: Edward I. Saiff

About the Major

This program is jointly sponsored by the School of Theoretical and Applied Science of Ramapo College and the School of Health Related Professions of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ-SHRP) School of Health Related Professions.

Students must complete 90 credits including the General Education requirements, the School of Theoretical and Applied Science (TAS) requirements, and a preprofessional core. Students who transfer to Ramapo College must complete 48 credits at Ramapo, 28 of which are science and/or math courses in the major before completing the program at UMDNJ. They then complete a 45 credit professional program at UMDNJ. This latter part takes 15 months starting in the summer after the junior year.Concentrations in:

Cytotechnologists are professionals that work in the field of diagnostic cytology. Primarily working with pathologists, they evaluate tissue samples microscopically for a variety of diseases. Cytologists also play a major role in early cancer detection.

Medical Lab Science
Medical lab scientists are professionals who are involved in providing laboratory data crucial for clinical diagnoses essential for patient therapy. Responsibilities of medical lab scientists vary and may include analysis of blood and body fluids, microorganism identification and diagnosis of infection, and managing laboratory information.

Because all Ramapo College and Theoretical and Applied Science requirements need to be completed in the three years the student spends at Ramapo, students should anticipate taking 16-18 credits per semester. Of these, at least two courses per semester will be in the sciences in order to fulfill the prerequisites.

The application deadline for the UMDNJ-SHRP Clinical Lab Science program is October 15 for classes beginning in June. (Applications can certainly be submitted earlier.) Thus the typical student should submit his/her application in the fall of the junior year to be eligible to commence the professional component at UMDNJ after the spring semester.

Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if enrollment capacity in the majors has not been reached.

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