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Pre-Med and Pre-Health Programs 
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Articulation Agreements
(Pre-Med and Pre-Health Programs) 

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About the Programs
(Note: Program Information Subject to Change)

The Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professional Studies Programs at Ramapo College are not academic majors, but support structures created to maximize students’ capacities to secure admission to medical, dental, and other health-related graduate schools. They offer an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for entry into the health professions. For advisement, students planning to pursue a career in the health sciences should contact:

  • The School of Theoretical and Applied Science (TAS), (201) 684-7734 or
  • Dr. Rena Bacon, Professor of Biology, (201) 684-7727 e-mail: rbacon@ramapo.edu

Most professional schools require the following science and math courses for admission to their programs:
Fundamentals of Biology I and II - 8 cr.
Fundamentals of Chemistry I and II - 8 cr.
Organic Chemistry I and II - 8 cr.
Fundamental of Physics I and II - 8 cr.
Calculus I - 4 cr.

Additional recommended courses are:
Genetics - 4 cr.
Cell and Molecular Biology - 4 cr.
Anatomy and Physiology I and II - 8 cr.
Calculus II - 4 cr.

The courses listed above make up a substantial part of the Biology and Chemistry majors although students who plan professional health careers are free to major in any area. The General Education graduation requirements at Ramapo College are such that they provide both science and non-science majors the kind of broad base of knowledge sought by professional schools. Since the standardized entry exams, e.g., MCAT, DAT, etc., are usually taken either in the spring or late summer of the Junior year, students are advised to complete these courses before their Senior year to be adequately prepared for these exams.

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