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Academic Information 
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Academic Information

Academic Organization

Ramapo College is uniquely organized into Schools rather than departments. Each School is composed of faculty members from several related disciplines and each School projects its own academic identity and thematic approach in the programs it sponsors. The five Schools offering major programs are:
  • Business
  • American and International Studies
  • Contemporary Arts
  • Social Science and Human Services
  • Theoretical and Applied Science.

Academic Schools/Majors

All students associate with a particular School when they choose a major, and thereby establish close contacts with faculty and other students sharing similar interests. The choice of School does not restrict the choice of courses, however. Ramapo's comprehensive General Education Program consists of courses from every School, and students are encouraged to take minors and/or other coursework from across the College.

More Information on Academic Organization

Where to Turn for Specific Information

World Wide Web: www.ramapo.edu
Telephone Listing - Area Code (201):
Main Switchboard: 684-7500
Security: 684-7432 - Security TTY: 684-7011
Snow Closing: 236-2902

Telephone Numbers for Specific School Offices

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