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School of Theoretical and Applied Science 
Computer Science (B.S.) 
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Computer Science (B.S.)

Requirements of the Major

Requirements of the Minor

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Convener: Victor Miller
Faculty: Scott Frees
Lawrence D'Antonio
Gary Fisk
Amruth Kumar
Mary Shiffman
Robert Shine

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About the Major

Computer Science is the study of the representation, storage, and transformation of information. The subject areas of computer science include algorithms and data structures, programming languages, object oriented programming, GUI programming (Programming for Windows) logic design, operating systems, compiler design, Internet development, numerical analysis, simulation, data communication and Network Programming, database design, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, microcomputers, and software methodologies.

This broad body of knowledge is presented in a manner which encourages Computer Science majors to develop professional competence, and acquire intellectual maturity and curiosity; establishing a long-term commitment to remain current in this rapidly changing discipline. Indeed, the Computer Science major at the College is in a continual state of evolution, with new courses being added to the program and every course in the major being regularly updated.

The Computer Science major at Ramapo is based on the philosophy that true learning occurs through active participation. This notion is incorporated throughout the curriculum. For example, almost all the courses require programming projects that illustrate and expand the course content. Before completing the major, each student must design and implement a significant piece of software as their senior project. Additionally, Computer Science students are encouraged to participate in one of the many experiential learning opportunities available through off-campus internships.

Computers are pervasive in today’s world and Ramapo College Computer Science graduates have available to them a broad range of career opportunities in business, government, and academia. Our recent graduates have established careers in software development, project management, research, marketing, database development and administration, systems administration, quality assurance, education, finance, game development, management, consulting and sales. Our students often continue on to graduate school.

The Computer Science faculty brings a wide diversity of experience in industry and academia. Networking, object oriented programming, database design, UNIX and Windows programming, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, GUI programming, software methodologies, programming languages, numerical analysis and computer graphics are areas well represented by the faculty.

Students interested in programs involving the study of information systems should also note the College’s Information Systems major offered by the Anisfield School of Business.

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