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Center for Academic Success 
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Center for Academic Success

Courses Offered Through The CAS

ENGLISH As A SECOND LANGUAGE - Please check the Web for Students for schedules and course descriptions.
Convener:  Dr. Frances Shapiro-Skrobe, Professor of English

XESL 170 Reading in American Language & Culture
XESL 175 Writing in American Language & Culture

Ramapo College offers these two courses which were designed to meet the needs of students for whom English is a second language and who are reading and writing just below the college level.  Placement is by score on the ESL Placement Tests or by permission of instructor.  These courses carry full graduation credit.

Students also receive individual and small-group tutoring in reading, writing, and conversation skills through the Center for Academic Success.  Upon successful completion of these courses, students may register for College English.

Course Descriptions:

XESL Reading in American Language & Culture is a reading skills course for students whose native language is not English and who are reading at least at a pre-college level.  It is also for students who have near-native proficiency in English and have completed College English but who simply want more intensive work on particular aspects of their reading and English language skills.

In this course, students will develop their academic reading strategies and practice a variety of critical reading skills using college-level texts and newspapers.  In addition, students will expand their academic vocabulary and improve their writing and conversational skills so that they are able to successfully negotiate the demands of their college coursework.  Students will have the opportunity to become active, engaged readers and to apply these critical reading skills to readings that explore a range of issues facing Americans and American culture today.  For their outside reading, students will select a work of fiction or nonfiction that focuses on some aspect of American life.  They will keep a reading journal, reflecting upon questions and readings, and examining their own assumptions, values, and biases.  They will also develop their individualized vocabulary lists.

XESL Writing in American Language & Culture is a course that provides students whose native language is not English with intensive practice in essay writing.  Emphasis is on experiencing different stages of the composing process.  Major instructional approaches are writing process instruction, conference-centered writing instruction, and small group work.  Special attention will be paid to the difficulties experienced by non- native English speakers.  With this in mind, particular emphasis will be placed on self-expression through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Grammar lessons will be geared to the specific requirements of each class.

DEVELOPMENTAL READING - Please check the Web for Students for schedules and course descriptions.
Reading Workshop
Basic Reading/Basic Reading Lab
Developmental Reading
College Reading and Study Skills

DEVELOPMENTAL WRITING - Please check the Web for Students for schedules and course descriptions.
Coordinator: Ramon Reyes
Writing Workshop
Basic Writing
Developmental Writing

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) includes the following:

THE WRITING CENTER - Please check the Web for Students for schedules and course descriptions.
The Writing Center provides the main support for the WAC program and WI courses. It also offers assistance for all courses in the College. Among the activities of the Writing Center, tutors and staff offer workshops on the writing process-- prewriting, revising and editing; writing the thesis; gathering research material to support the thesis; evaluating Internet and other sources of information; interpreting and explaining graphs, charts, tables and other material for written and oral presentation, and other topics as needed. The Writing Center provides individual and group tutorials, classroom tutoring, classroom assistance, electronic paper conferencing, the Help-Line and other electronic outreach services.

MATH SUPPORT - Please check the Web for Students for schedules and course descriptions.
Coordinator: Sara Kuplinsky
Among the services of the CAS, the math support component provides the following:
1) peer and professional tutoring;
2) group tutoring and workshops coordinated by the professional tutors;
3) inter-semester course preparation workshops, based on students’ needs;
4) assistance to students with general mathematics problems.

READING - Please check the Web for Students for schedules and course descriptions.
Among the services the CAS offers to assist students with their reading are the following:
1) note-taking, test-taking and study skills;
2) reading comprehension;
3) note-taking from readings;
4) summary/paraphrase/abstract/précis writing;
5) establishing relationships and contrasts among several readings;
6) critical and analytical thinking;
7) vocabulary building assistance.

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