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Teacher Education Program 
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Teacher Education Program

Program Requirements
Undergraduate Students:

  • Completion of Praxis I with a minimum score of 170 in each of the following content areas: Reading, Writing, and Math.

  • Admission interview with Director of TE program.

  • Completion of all requirements for Graduation including a minimum of 128 credits.

  • Completion of all requirements for a Major.

  • Completion of all General Education requirements.

  • Completion of all the School Core requirements for the school of the designated major.

  • Completion of courses (which may be in addition to a major) which are needed to fulfill the state requirements of a minimum of 30 credit hours in the Endorsement area and to fulfill Ramapo College program requirements for the Teacher Education sequences within individual endorsements.

  • Maintenance of a 2.75 GPA.  When students have attended more than one college or university, all undergraduate coursework at all institutions attended are included in determining the overall GPA for the purpose of certification qualification.  Students may engage in student teaching only after the GPA requirements are attained and the appropriate Praxis test has been taken. 

  • A teaching portfolio providing evidence of addressing the New Jersey Professional Teaching Standards must be submitted to and approved by the teacher education faculty prior to student teaching.

  • Completion of the required Education courses (or equivalents approved by the Director of Teacher Education)

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