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Latin American Studies 
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Latin American Studies

Requirements of the Minor

Convener: Charles Carreras
Advisor: Niza Fabre

About the Minor

Latin American Studies is an exciting interdisciplinary minor. Traditional disciplines (such as history, sociology and literature) are organized into a program of study so that the student may learn more about this important part of the world.

Latin America is made up of many countries from the Rio Grande to the South Pole. In those countries are found many different and dynamic cultures. For example, the best of the modern age can be found in the huge metropolitan centers of Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. And the best of the ancient civilizations which still survive: the Maya of Mexico and Central America and the Inca of South America.

The minor is offered by a very varied faculty from different backgrounds. There are classes in sociology, history, Spanish language and literature, offered on a regular basis. In addition, there are courses offered in art, music, media and migration.

A program of Latin American Studies is highly recommended in combination with such majors as International Business, International Studies or Social Work. In fact, any areas in which the college graduate will be working in the future will be working in the future will encounter Spanish speaking people from a Latin American origin.

Special Programs and resources at Ramapo College related to Latin American Studies:

The Selden Rodman Gallery of Popular Arts :
Houses in permanent collection works from the Americas and the Caribbean.

Latin American Video Archives:
A unique and special collection of popular videos reflecting life in contemporary Latin America.

Study Abroad:

Students may spend a semester or a summer in Latin America studying Spanish, literature, history and other disciplines. There are also specialized programs such as the tropical studies in Costa Rica.

Organization for Latino Unity:
A student organization supported by the faculty and staff which sponsors dances, lectures and other events of special interest to Latinos.

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