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Requirements of the Minor

  Convener: Susan Hangen
Advisors: Clifford E. Peterson

About the Major

Anthropology supports the multicultural, experiential, and interdisciplinary educational philosophy of Ramapo College. As such, Anthropology courses constitute a major component of General Education courses, besides serving the Anthropology Minor.

Anthropology courses at Ramapo are concentrated in cultural anthropology, the sub-discipline of anthropology that emphasizes the role of culture in human behavior. Cultural Anthropology can play a key role in helping us to comprehend contemporary world problems. Students will become familiar with the diversity of cultural practices in the world and also with ways that wider political and economic forces are shaping people's lives.

Important components of Anthropology are presented in an integrated manner. Some of the courses are: Introduction to Anthropology, World Cultures, Anthropology of Gender, and Peoples and Cultures of Asia. Other courses include: Native Americans, Death and Dying, and Music and Dance in the African Diaspora. in many Anthropology courses, students are required to do field work assignments and to write papers based on this first hand research.

Anthropology is offered as a Minor of 18 credits and the courses concerned are core courses in the discipline of Anthropology. Students who are interested in Graduate Study in Anthropology can be further trained through Independent Study. As a whole, Anthropology enhances the multicultural dimension of a student's academic training, whatever may be his or her major.

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