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Student Services
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Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation

Reflection of Arch in Academic Building windowsAthletics at Ramapo College are an extracurricular activity and are secondary to a student's academic pursuits. Ramapo College offers a two-tiered sports program: intercollegiate and intramural.

On the varsity level, Ramapo College is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and subscribes to the Division III philosophy. Ramapo belongs to the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC). Varsity sports are for those students willing to commit themselves to a program that encourages both individual and team excellence through daily practice sessions and a full season of competition. Sports at the varsity level are as follows:

Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-country, Field Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, and Volleyball.

Basketball, Cross-country, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, and Volleyball.

In addition to the above varsity sports, Women's Field Hockey will become a club sport in Fall 2002 in anticipation of varsity sports status in Fall 2003.

Students interested in team sports at a less advanced level may turn to an extensive intramural program. Intramurals offer students the chance to play on a team without the time demands of intercollegiate athletics. All students enrolled at Ramapo College are eligible for the intramural program. Information on intramural programs is posted in the Athletic Center. The activities currently sponsored through the intramural program are:

Flag Football; Golf Closest To Pin; Fun Run/Walk; Volleyball Tournament; Triathlon.

Bowling League; Bike Blade and Run; Fun Run/Walk; Swim Meet; Street Hockey League.

Basketball Foul Shooting Contest; Softball Home Run Hitting Contest; Fun Run/Walk; Strongest Man/Woman Contest.

Hot Shot Basketball Shoot-out; Fun Run/Walk.

Fitness Week; Basketball League; Indoor Soccer League; Fun Run/Walk.

Softball League; Fun Run/Walk; Swim Meet.

Fitness Week; Beach Volleyball Tournament; Fun Run/Walk; Golf - Longest Drive.

Varsity Team schedules are available throughout the year to all students. Student support and participation are a vital part of life at Ramapo College. Current students are not charged admission to regularly scheduled athletic events and attendance is encouraged.

How To Participate in the Athletics Program

The intercollegiate program is the highest level of competition offered at Ramapo. Many of the participants at the varsity level have been recruited to attend the College. Opportunities for participation do exist for the non-recruited student athlete and trying-out is encouraged. To obtain information on a particular team of interest, the coach of that sport should be contacted at the Athletic Center or an inquiry made through the Office of Athletics at (201) 684-7089. Dates for try-outs are posted at the Athletic Center and throughout the campus.

Information on both the Intramural and Varsity athletic programs are posted at the Athletic Center as well as on the College’s Web site.

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Campus Judicial Affairs

Location: Building C, second floor, room C-213.
Students at Ramapo are governed by the "Student Code of Conduct" which described the College’s list of prohibited actions and outlines the ways in which alleged violations are handled. The "Student Handbook" contains the complete text. Administrative responsibility for enforcement lies with the Student Affairs Division. except for violations of academic integrity.
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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministries Office is interdenominational and strives to create an atmosphere on campus which complements and helps integrate intellectual, emotional, and spiritual pursuits. The Ministries Office conducts on-campus services on a regular basis, as well as for special occasions. Students are invited to merely drop in, or if desired, arrange for a caring and confidential consultation. The Campus Ministries Offices are located in the Robert A. Scott Student Center, Room SC-207 (telephone number: (201) 684-7251) and Room Sc-135 (telephone number: (201) 684-6841).

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Public Safety

Statue, Greenery, ArchLocation: Building C, first floor, Room C-102
Public Safety personnel patrol the campus to identify and report potential dangers to persons and property. The office is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The staff also responds to concerns and complaints dealing with illegal, disruptive, or dangerous behavior. Students are encouraged to report all crimes – actual, attempted, or suspected – as well as any other emergency to Public Safety.

Ramapo College Public Safety Officers do not have powers of arrest, but will notify and assist the Mahwah Police Department on all criminal matters that require law enforcement officers’ intervention and expertise. Students may obtain parking permits and decals, as well as identification cards in this office.
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Location: The Robert A. Scott Student Center, second floor, rear.
The bookstore is a resource for new and used text books, books, software, supplies, clothing, snacks, music and more.
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The Center for Health and Counseling Services

Health Services Location: Building E, first floor, Room E-115
Counseling Services Location: Building D, second floor, Room 216
The Center for Health and Counseling Services offers programs and services to support student wellness. Services include individual assessments and individual and group counseling for personal and social concerns, including alcohol and other drug prevention; workshops and individual consultations addressing topics such as self-assertion, stress management, test anxiety, eating disorders, co-dependency, and improving social and family relationships; referrals to on-campus and community-based services; and programming to address alcohol awareness and overall wellness. The Center coordinates the CheckPoint alcohol and drug education and prevention programs.

The Health Services Director (a Nurse Practitioner), and medical staff including a part-time physician provide treatment and educate students concerning the development of healthy lifestyles. Health Services are available to all students. This office offers diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, first aid, and emergency treatment; gynecological clinics; HIV/AIDS testing; counseling concerning diet, birth control, and sexually-transmitted diseases; referrals to physicians, clinics, dentists, and hospitals; insurance claim forms; temporary parking permits; equipment loans (crutches, canes); and information and literature on health-related topics.

A wellness/self-treatment center for minor illnesses and injuries is available. The center allows students to evaluate their own health condition, determine if they can safely self-treat, and proceed through an instruction process. Written and posted information and over-the-counter medication and bandaging supplies are provided.

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Dining Services

Dining services at Ramapo College are provided by The Wood Company, a major provider of food services on college campuses. Meal plans are required for all Pine, Linden, Bischoff Hall and Mackin Hall residents; those in the apartments, town houses and Lodge may choose to be on a meal plan. Students on the meal plan typically eat in one of the student restaurants: the Birch Tree Inn, on the first floor of the Robert A. Scott Student Center or The Trustees Pavilion, located adjacent to Bischoff Hall. The Roadrunner Express, located on the first floor of the Scott Student Center, is a retail outlet open to faculty, staff, students and visitors paying with cash, as well as students with meal plans that include "flex" dollars.

In addition to these traditional outlets, the Curtain Call Café, which is located in the Berrie Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, offers snacks, sandwiches and specialty coffees and teas and the Convenience Store, located in the Thomases Commons in The Village, offers package foods, frozen foods, snacks and other "convenience items."

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The Governor William T. Cahill Center
For Experiential Learning and Career Services

Location: Building C, second floor, Room C-209
The Cahill Center offers a comprehensive array of programs, services, and activities to help students plan for and clarify their career goals in relation to their academic studies. Constituent programs include Career Services, Cooperative Education, International Cooperative Education, the Career Achievement Program, Service Learning, and the Student Assistant Program.

Career Services
Career Services offers workshops, panels and seminars, individual and group counseling sessions, vocational assessments, computerized career guidance, Job Fairs, and a Career Resource Center with over 400 publications on careers, graduate schools, job search strategies, career planning, internships, and companies. The Center’s website (link below) is a major source of regularly updated information. A job listing service and assistance is offered with part-time, full-time, permanent, and temporary jobs for students and alumni.

Career Achievement Program
The Career Achievement Program is a two-credit course designed to assist students in developing their individual academic and career goals. Students explore personal and career-related issues through personality and interest assessments, career research, collaborative learning experiences, and class presentations. Job search skills including goal setting, résumé writing, and interview preparation are addressed. The course emphasizes career maturity, life-long planning, and satisfactory integration of one’s personal and professional growth. It is recommended that students be of Junior standing before enrolling in this course.
Student Assistant Program

Ramapo students are offered the opportunity to work on campus in a wide variety of paid positions. The program matches both Federal Work Study students (eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office) and non-financial need-based student aides with college programs and offices needing their talents and skills. Federal Work Study students may also choose positions off campus in non-profit agencies through the FWS Community Service option.
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Office of International Student Services

International Student Advisor: Marci Angevine
Location: Building D, Second Floor, Room D212C
The International Student Advisor who helps ease their transition to an unfamiliar culture and educational environment assists Ramapo’s international students, who represent more than 60 countries. The advisor serves as a mentor and advocate and helps students negotiate the many perplexing issues including immigration, financial, academic and personal matters.
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Residence Life

Linden HallMain Office Location: Building C, second floor, Room C-213.

Many full-time students choose to live on campus (85% of freshmen typically choose campus housing). Ramapo provides apartment-style and traditional residence halls for approximately 2,700 residents, with an additional 300 beds planned for the near future. All facilities are modern, air-conditioned, and equipped with voice (local telephone service included), video (basic cable plus a premium movie channel) and data (College network and the Internet). In residences without kitchens, a microwave-refrigerator unit is supplied. Residents have access to lounges, vending, mailrooms, laundries, fitness centers, picnic areas, and outdoor sports courts. All halls are within easy walking distance of the center of campus. Residents may have cars. Parking is provided in lots near halls and in more distant locations on campus.

Housing is in high demand. Applications are accepted from admissions-deposit-paid new students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Acceptance to the College does not ensure space in campus housing. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

Continuing students who commute to campus and subsequently wish to live on campus should file an application and deposit as early as possible. Continuing students are placed in campus housing as spaces become available due to withdrawals by other continuing students.

Residence Life facilities at Ramapo College are supervised by professional and graduate student affairs staff augmented by undergraduate resident assistants. These staff members are assisted by other members of the College’s professional student affairs staff who live on campus and participate in rotating on-call duty. Residence Life staff members provide educational social programming and help students to develop independent living skills. Money and time management skills, the acceptance of persons with different values or life styles, and the acquisition of leadership abilities within group settings are just some of the specific development goals Residence Life promotes.

For further information regarding policies and procedures, residents should consult the Guide To Community Living Residence Agreement.

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The Robert A. Scott Student Center

The Robert A. Scott Student Center is located on the south end of campus, adjacent to buildings B and C. The Student Center is the "living room" of the campus. The Center houses dining facilities, the Bookstore, a game room/student lounge, a service counter for event sign ups, ticket sales, postage stamps, and video/DVD rentals, an ATM, several conference rooms, three lounge areas, and several club and organization offices. Students may obtain general information about what is happening on campus by checking the online events calendar WORD, the activities calendar on the campus Intranet, and the electronic display board on the first floor. They can also tune into Campus Vision, the television/video system setup in convenient locations within the Center and on Channel 3 in the Residence Halls. Additional information regarding student organizations, honor societies, the student awards program, and important college policies and procedures is published in the Student Handbook, available in the Scott Student Center office, SC-200.

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Specialized Services

Location: Building C, second floor, Room C-205
Services for students with disabilities are provided by the Office of Specialized Services. Ramapo College was constructed architecturally barrier-free and has a proud history of serving the needs of students with disabilities. Services currently provided to eligible students with a variety of disabilities include: in-class accommodations and alternative testing, adaptive computer technology, tutoring, as well as career and independent living counseling. Through academic skills workshops, students with learning disabilities are helped in developing appropriate coping strategies to achieve academic success. All students with disabilities are encouraged to fully participate in every aspect of the Ramapo educational experience.

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Student Development / Clubs / Greek

Main Office Location: The Robert A. Scott Student Center, second floor, Room SC-200
A diverse range of programs and direct services are offered through staff members representing Student Activities, the Women’s Center, Greek Organization Advisement, Weekend Programming, the Student Center, and Orientation Programs. Students interested in getting involved have numerous opportunities to do so through programs supported by this unit. More than 70 student organizations, honor societies, fraternities, and sororities are available (link below). Student participation at all levels of the planning process is a hallmark of all programs within the unit.

Location: The Robert A. Scott Student Center, second floor, Room SC-202
The Office of Student Development offers Orientation Programs (link below) for all new students (full-time, part-time, first year, transfers, and readmits). The goal of orientation is to assist students in the transition from high school, another college or university, or after years of being out of school.

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The Women's Center / Gay Peer Services

Path along side Kameron PondLocation: Building C, second floor, Room C-220
The Women’s Center is a place where both men and women gather to consider their respective roles in American society and to pursue assistance with family, career, or educational interests. Referrals to governmental and social service agencies are made when needed. Workshops are offered on topics such as relationships, wellness, AIDS, career, and family. The Center houses a small reference library and is a comfortable place to socialize or read.

Gay Peer Services attempts to establish a more diverse, safe environment for students, faculty and staff at the college. Through classroom presentations, periodic viewpoints in the Ramapo News and individual/group discussions, Gay Peer Services acts as both an advocate to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbt) communities and a representative of these communities to the college at large..

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