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Catalog 2004-2005
Teacher Education Program

Contact - (201) 684-7627

Program Requirements
  • Completion of all requirements for Graduation including a minimum of 128 credits of which 96 are in arts and science.
  • Completion of all requirement for a Major.
  • Completion of all General Education requirements (60 credit minimum for TE students).
  • Completion of all the School Core requirements for the school of the designated major.
  • Completion of courses (which may be in addition to a major) which are needed to fulfill the state requirements of a minimum of 30 credit hours in the Designated Area of Certification and to fulfill Ramapo College program requirements for the Teacher Education sequences within individual disciplines.
  • Maintenance of a 2.75 GPA overall and 2.75 GPA in Major or Designated Area of Certification. (Requirements for a Major and associated Designated Area of Certification are identical in some teaching disciplines; however, differences exist in other disciplines. For example, coursework recommended for teacher certification in social studies and some of the sciences involve studies that cross several disciplines).
  • Completion of the core of Professional Education courses.
  • Completion of required Social and Behavioral Science courses.
  • Completion of a Health requirement.
  • Completion of a Communications requirement.
  • Completion of a National Teacher Examination (PRAXIS) in the Designated Area of Certification (passing scores established by the New Jersey Department of Education).
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