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Catalog 2004-2005
Business Administration: Management (BS)
School of Administration and Business

Requirements of the Major

Career Paths
Convener: Milton Gittens
Advisors: Susan Eisner
Gary Kettlitz
Thierry Rakotobe-Joel
Imad Zbib

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About the Major

Management is a necessary activity in every organization – whatever the size, scope, or purpose. Managers set the organization's objectives and lead people and equipment to achieve these goals. While these basic functions of management haven't changed, the growth of the global economy, technological transformation, and diversity in the work place are changing how business organizations operate. Preparing students to be successful managers in these dynamic times is the management faculty's purpose.

Management is an interdisciplinary field, meaning that everything a student learns at Ramapo College will contribute to a career as a manager. Students learn to analyze and solve management problems using social and behavioral sciences, decision methods, leadership, communication, public policy, computers, and technologies. There are opportunities to join clubs and participate in extracurricular programs, gain practical experience as a leader, and meet and network with businesswomen and men.

Management education is broad and prepares students for a variety of jobs, including those in general management, human resource management, and operations management, as well as entry to graduate school and postgraduate professional education.

Students completing this program receive a B.S. degree in Business Administration

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