Caren Chung

It wasn’t until December 2021 that my oldest brother could finally get married, almost two whole years after COVID started. Time and time again, the virus forced the two to postpone their wedding. But finally, it was the big day.

The week before Christmas, family and friends from all over the country had gathered in Orlando, which is home to the happiest place on Earth – Disney World! It had been so long since we’d talked to everyone because of the pandemic. Although the guest list was limited, seeing old friends and meeting new faces was both awkward and joyous.One by one, everyone started filtering into the venue for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was hosted by Disney. As expected, the building was spectacular. A bright, white bridge followed a white, castle-like pavilion with large glass doors and roofs pointing towards the sky. Flowers fluttered merrily in the wind, as if they were celebrating with us. Inside, a light blue carpet cut through rows of white benches, leading to the shining center of the building.

As the ceremony commenced, the only thing I remember is staring at the dreamlike display in front of my eyes. The view in front of me was just so dazzling. My brother, in a gray suit, and my sister-in-law, donned in a white wedding dress that cascaded behind her, stood, eyes locked, their hands clasped. They were radiant. I was so touched that I shed tears, but I didn’t wipe them. I couldn’t look away, even for a second.

Such a beautiful event had almost never happened because of the pandemic. Of course, it was able to happen eventually, but the wedding’s inevitable delay makes me a bit bitter. If the virus never hit us, we wouldn’t have had to sanitize, wear masks, or social distance throughout the wedding. But even so, after coping with the gloominess of the pandemic for so long, the wedding gave me, my family, and friends a precious moment to remember. Even though the world has been tormented by COVID-19, there will always be small, lovely, and happy moments to hold close to our hearts.