Ashley Llangari

My business is beauty, but it wasn’t always.

Because of quarantine, my once fast-paced lifestyle completely slowed down, finally giving me time for myself. I knew I still wanted to work on something, and so the idea came to my friend and I to acquire new skills and to start a business. While we weren’t able to see each other much because of COVID, everytime we did, I practiced doing eyelash extensions on her and she practiced doing nails on me.

I would spend countless hours watching videos, practicing on a mannequin or my mother. Throughout that summer, I worked on social media to try to create a brand for myself even though I couldn’t actually take on any clients. I also learned so much about the business world and what really goes into it from finances to marketing. It was tough to start since everyone was so fearful of being around one another, but I had to do the most with what I had.

In early 2021, I was finally able to become a certified technician and have now done over 200 sets of eyelashes. Without COVID ever happening, I wouldn’t have found the time or passion to do extensions and actually grow a career.

That’s kind of a beautiful business too.