College Symbols

Mace made out of wood with the Ramapo College Seal on it

The College Mace

The mace symbolizes the Office of the President and is carried by a faculty member who leads the processional for the three annual major academic ceremonies, Opening Convocation, Undergraduate Commencement and Graduate Programs Commencement, in addition to this Inauguration. The Ramapo College Mace, created in 2002, features Ramapo College’s seal on a silver medallion. Ramapo College’s mace is hexagonally shaped, hand-crafted from solid natural cherry and custom turned by hand.

The Havemeyer Arch

Located in the Grove, the classical style red sandstone arch with brick support walls is an important campus landmark. It was moved to this location from the courtyard of the Theodore Havemeyer Madison Avenue residence around 1916 by Stephen Birch, who later owned the Mahwah property. In 2021, the Mahwah Historic Preservation Commission awarded Ramapo College with its Historic Preservation Award for stewardship of the Havemeyer Arch.

Havemeyer Arch on Ramapo College's campus in the fall
Silver chain with plaques that have RNCJ's past presidents on it, the Ramapo Seal and current president's name

The Chain of Office 

Ramapo College of New Jersey’s Chain of Office represents the history of presidential leadership of the College and is worn during official ceremonies, such as the inauguration of a new president and Commencement, as part of the president’s academic regalia. The chain bears the College seal and includes the names of Ramapo’s four past presidents. This event marks the first time President Jebb will wear the Chain of Office.