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Center for Academic Success 
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Center for Academic Success

Courses Offered Through The CAS

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  Dr. Albert Romano, Director
Rosetta Geller*, Associate Director
Ramon Reyes, Assistant Director, Writing Center
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About the CAS

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is part of the Office of Academic Affairs and is located on the second floor of E Building. The CAS includes two computer labs (E-217 & E-233), open areas for tutorial assistance and enclosed space for tutoring and conferences. It provides students with individual and small-group tutorial instruction and support in ESL, mathematics, reading and writing, as well as assistance for the College’s Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program of Intensive Writing (WI) courses and other courses. The CAS promotes the College’s mission through individual attention to students and through traditional and innovative programs. The CAS also supports the College’s organization of schools and General Education offerings through its tutoring for all students and its assistance in the WAC effort, which includes all schools and students. The CAS is staffed by peer and professional tutors under the direction of discipline coordinators, and it offers tutoring six days a week, free of charge, to all Ramapo students. The CAS has a Web site with a variety of information, including tutor schedules, schedules of workshops and other academic services, links to academic information, a Help-Line to assist students with writing issues, problems and questions, and other features for electronic conferencing and distance learning.

The CAS offers assistance to all students with academic support in areas, such as study skills, research paper preparation and other specific matters of academic compass. It assists in placement decisions and provides workshops for WI faculty, staff and students as part of the WAC program. The CAS works with the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program and The Office of Specialized Services (OSS) in identifying and training tutors, and it provides faculty, space and tutorial and other support for the EOF Pre-Freshman Summer Studies Academy. The Director works closely with faculty deans and Conveners to develop the WAC program by identifying WI courses in all schools and assisting in the development of writing activities and support systems for aiding students in these courses. The CAS offers ESL, developmental mathematics, reading, and writing courses as well as an array of tutorial services, in concert with the discipline Conveners and coordinators. The CAS provides computer lab space for testing, registration and other activities, and it accommodates requests from faculty and their classes.

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