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School of American and International Studies 
Liberal Studies (B.A.) 
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Liberal Studies (B.A.) (Pending State Approval)

Requirements of the Major

Convener: Lisa Cassidy

About the Major

Ramapo College students have long enjoyed the freedom of individualized "contract" majors.  The Liberal Studies major is the contract major for the School of American and International Studies.

The Ramapo College graduates awarded baccalaureates in Liberal Studies major will be thoughtful, well-educated individuals with understanding of and an appreciation for multiple ways of seeing the world.  The Liberal Arts encourages and foments reflection, critical thinking, emotional maturity, and the broadening of the mind through the contemplation of new possibilities.  The Liberal Studies major spans the great themes of human inquiry and critical expression in the humanities, in world languages, and in social studies.

A graduate in Liberal Studies shall:  (1) acquire significant awareness and understanding about the methodology of the Liberal Arts and their interconnectedness; (2) build foundational knowledge in the Liberal Arts (as per course of study); (3) gain hands-on experience applying knowledge of the Liberal Arts (as per course of study) for providing ways to answer real-life, interdisciplinary problems; (4) reflect upon and pose original analysis of problems within the Liberal Arts (as per course of study) in class discussions, written work, exams, group projects, portfolios, internships, or study abroad; and (5) appreciate, understand, and value the rich complexity and diversity of human life by studying the interrelationships of individuals to groups, cultures, heritages, stories, epistemologies, and/or languages.

A Liberal Studies major is a preparation for a free and fulfilled life in any area of specialization:  business, the arts, education, science, medicine, or law.  Liberal Studies majors gain this preparation through coursework, as well as through a significant experiential learning activity and an independent research project.

Liberal Studies majors may pursue a course of study that expands upon an existing American and International Studies minor or may pursue a course of study that is more individualized.  No matter what an individual student chooses as his/her particular course of study—e.g., Philosophy or Italian Studies or Folklore, the degree awarded will be a B.A. in Liberal Studies.

A minor in Liberal Studies is not available.

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