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Grading Systems / Policies 
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Grading Systems / Policies

Grading Systems / Policies
Student Appeals Regarding Grades
Academic Standing
Academic Integrity
Reporting Violations
Adjudication Process

Grading Systems / Policies

    Grade Points Per Credit Credit Awarded Counted Credit Attempted
H+ Excellent in the College Honors Program 4.0 Yes Yes
H College Honors Program 3.7 Yes Yes
A Excellent 4.0 Yes Yes
A-   3.7 Yes Yes
B+   3.3 Yes Yes
B Good 3.0 Yes Yes
B-   2.7 Yes Yes
C+   2.3 Yes Yes
C Satisfactory 2.0 Yes Yes
C-   1.7 Yes Yes
D+   1.3 Yes Yes
D Poor 1.0 Yes Yes
F Fail 0.0 No Yes
P Pass - Yes Yes
W Withdrawn - No Yes
I Incomplete - No Yes
AU Audit - No No
R Repeated Grade - No No
Y Y Grade - No Yes

H+, H; Honors
These grades are awarded to students in the College Honors Program who have engaged in a more extensive course of study than that required of the majority of students in the class.

P; Pass
This option may be initiated by the instructor or student. Instructors will specify that a course is being offered only for P/F grades in the course description (In some cases, the student may then petition for A to F grading before the end of the Schedule Adjustment period ) In the event a course is being offered with A to F grading, students must select the P/F option prior to the end of the Schedule Adjustment period and it cannot be changed thereafter The P/F option may be selected by the student for a total of four credits in any semester (fall, winter, spring, or summer) and for a total of no more than four out of each 12 credits earned for a grade. This option is available only for elective courses.

W; Withdrawn
Given in exceptional circumstances, with permission of the instructor, for withdrawal from a course.

I; Incomplete
Given in exceptional circumstances when approved by the instructor and when requested by a student who has satisfactorily completed at least two-thirds of course requirements prior to the end of a term, for reasons of illness or other emergency. When the work is completed prior announced dates, which will be five weeks prior to the end of the next semester, the grade assigned replaces the I. If work is not satisfactorily completed by the middle of the next semester, the grade is changed to F.

AU; Audit
Given for completion of course (except for exams and required papers), if requested at the time of registration. No credit is given for this course. This option may not be changed after the end of schedule adjustments. If a student who has selected Audit fails to attend the class, the instructor may give and administrative Withdrawal for that class.

R; Repeated Grade
Given (together with an F grade) when a course failed in an earlier term is successfully retaken. This option is available only twice during a students academic career at the College and only when the course content is identical to the earlier failed course, carries the same number or greater number of credits, and only with approval prior to enrollment in the course by the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. (The credits attempted are changed to E [excluded] when the repeated course is successfully completed.)

Once an "R" grade has been assigned, it may not be removed; students are advised to use this option with discretion. It may become necessary to use this option for a failed course in the major to fulfill the G.P.A. requirement.

Y; Grade
Instructor initiated grade for non-degree credit Basic Skills courses only. Y grades cannot be changed.

A grade is to be given whenever a student is enrolled in a course after the end of the 50% refund period. If a student drops a course during the 50% drop period a grade of NG will appear on the unofficial transcript.

A term grade point average and a cumulative grade point average are calculated for each student after the end of each term. These averages are computed by dividing the total quality points by the total quality hours earned. Only courses taken at Ramapo are counted in these calculations.
Credit hours are based on a semester calendar.

The P, W, I, AU, and R grade options are available only by student request and require the submission of appropriate forms to the Office of the Registrar. The Academic Calendar on the web each term indicates the dates for students to take advantage of these grade options.

Note: Cessation of class attendance or notification to the instructor is NOT considered an official withdrawal. Unless students officially withdraw from a course through the Registrar’s Office, they are still registered for the course and will receive a grade of "F" even though classes were not attended.

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