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Catalog 2004-2005
Environmental Studies (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Social Science and Human Services
Course Descriptions Convener: Michael Edelstein

100 Level Foundation 12 crs.
SENV 103 Environmental Studies  
SBIO 101 Introduction to Biology or SBIO 110 Fundamentals of Biology I  
SGEL 101 Introduction to Geology or SGEO 101 Physical Geography or SENS 105 Fundamentals of Earth Science  

200/300 Level Core

17 crs.
APOL 210/ SENV 207 Public Policy or SENV 342 Law and Politics of the International Environment  
SENV 209 Social Ecology  
SBIO 221 General Ecology  
SENV 223 Energy and Society  
SENV 215 Environmental History  
SENS 315 Field Biology & Ecology  

300 Level: Elements of a Sustainable Society

21-25 crs.
Select one course from each of the following categories  
  Earth And Resources (3 Crs.):
SGEL 333 Environmental Geology
SGEO 304 Forest Resources
SGEO 303 Water Resource
SENV 390 Topics: Wildlife Management
SENS 416 Ecosystems Lec/Lab

Place And Communities (3 Crs.):
M/SENV 335 Ecology, Society and the Sacred
MPSY 343 Environmental Psychology
SENV 312 Ecological Anthropology
SENV 314 Geographical Information Systems and Applications

Sustainable Economics And Ethics (3 Crs.):

SENV 305 Ecology, Economics and Ethics
MSOC 306 Environmental Sociology
SENV 336/MSOC 336 Global Ethics

Ecological Practice (3-4 crs.):

SENV 338 Sustainable Communities
SENS 327 Ecological Agriculture
SENV 313 Appropriate Technology

Field Placement (3-6 crs.):
SENV 331 Environmental Internship
Or an equivalent Cooperative Education
Or an approved Study Abroad Program (see convener or advisor)


6 crs.
  Two 300/400 level courses  
400 Level Capstone 8 crs.
SENV 410 Environmental Seminar  
SENV 414 Environmental Assessment Lecture/Lab  
  Minimum 61-65 crs.
SSHS School Core Requirements

MMET 101 Social Issues 4 crs.
MMET 235 History of Social Thought 3 crs.
Consciousness and Society (from perscribed list) 3 crs.
Research Methods Course* 4 crs.
Social Science Elective (200-300 level)-not in one's major 3 crs.
History Elective (200-300 level) 3 crs.
Independent Study or Fieldwork 3 crs.

  Minimum 23 crs.

NOTE: All Ramapo students must complete a school core. Environmental Studies majors must complete either the school core requirements for the School of Theoretical and Applied Science or the School of Social Science and Human Services.

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