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Catalog 2004-2005
Visual Arts (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Contemporary Arts
Course Descriptions Convener: Warner Wada

Required Studio Courses  
CART 101 Fundamentals of Drawing 4 crs.
CART 102 Fundamentals of Design 4 crs.
CART 222 Basic Photography 4 crs.
CART 223 Basic Painting 4 crs.
CART 225 Basic Sculpture 4 crs.
Required Art History Courses
One Art History course at the 200 level 3-4 crs.
One Art History course at the 300 level 3-4 crs.
Required Upper Level Courses
12 crs.
Students must complete 12 credits of 300/400 level courses in area of concentration* (see list) (may include Independent Study)  
CART 401
Advanced Visual Arts
4 crs.

Minimum: 42-44 crs.
 *300/400 Level Courses by Concentration

Drawing and Painting:
CART 302 Intermediate Drawing and Painting
CART 304 Intermediate Drawing
CART 305 Intermediate Painting
CART 327 Life Drawing
CART 407 Advanced Drawing

CART 308 Sculpture Study in Italy
CART 310 Bronze Casting & Welding
CART 324 Intermediate Sculpture
CART 403 Advanced Sculpture

CART 303 Sequential and Serial Image
CART 318 Studio Photography
CART 326 Intermediate Photography
CART 331 Advanced Photography: View Camera
CART 350 Advanced Photographic Problems

New Media:
CART 303 Sequential and Serial Image
CART 315 Intermediate Computer Art
CART 322 Video Art
CART 325 Projects in Art

Art History:
CART 312 Gallery Management and Curating
CARH 301 American Art After 1940
CARH 335 European Art 1789-1848
CARH 338 Avant Garde Art
CARH 341 Impressionism & After
CARH 390 Topics

School Core Requirements
School of Contemporary Arts

Lower Level Distribution  
Choose one course from each of the following three categories
(for a list of courses in these categories, see Lower Level Distribution Courses)
9-12 crs.
  Communication Arts

Upper Level Core**
Two upper-level (300/400) Contemporary Arts courses designated CA Upper Level Core 6-8 crs.

Core Credits: 15-20 crs.

**Courses taken to fulfill the upper level core cannot be counted in the major

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