Ely Us Perez

Right before COVID, my family got bigger because my nieces moved in with me, my brothers, and my sister because their mom was murdered at the hands of her boyfriend. At the beginning I was selfishly sad and upset because I didn’t want them to take things from me that I liked to do, but as COVID-19 came along I knew I needed them by my side. My family got bigger. Everybody was lucky because they came before they shut everything down.

It was sad seeing my family without their mom around – their birthdays would come and there was no present from their mom. I don’t have my mom with me either but thanks to god she is still alive. That is nothing compared to what happened to them.

My family is bigger and now I love my family.

We had problems but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that during COVID my family got bigger.

How lucky are we?

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