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What Ramapo
Professors are Writing

by Angela Daidone  |  Winter 2022

Ramapo College faculty have been busy expressing their thoughts through the written word.

“Ramapo College faculty are prolific and highly-regarded scholars,” said Susan Gaulden, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Their scholarship not only contributes to the advancement and breadth of their field and discipline but also directly benefits our students, as the faculty bring their research and creative work into the classrooms, to the students they mentor, and to faculty-student research projects. Exposure to and engagement with faculty scholarship enhances the academic experience of our students and provides them with perspectives and opportunities that are truly unique to Ramapo.”

Below is a sampling of books written and published by faculty in recent years, including several that are still in progress for future release.

 Todd Barnes, Associate Professor of Literature, HGS

Michael Bitz, Professor of Teacher Education

  • The Charter School Reader: Explorations of School Choice, Enterprise, and Community in US Education. (co-authored with K. Sturges; Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, in press)

Brian Chinni, Assistant Dean of Teacher Education

  • Leadershift 2020: Reinventing Our Schools for Extraordinary and Uncertain Times (Friesen Press, Victoria, BC, 2020)

David Colman, Associate Professor of African American History, HGS

  • It’s a Hard Rock Life: Growing Up with Crack Cocaine and New York City. (in progress)

Sandra Gonsalves-Domond, Professor Psychology, SSHS

  • Recovering the African feminine Divine in Literature, the Arts, and Practice: Yemonja Awakening (Lexington Books, 2020)
  • Alliterative Animals: A to Z (Dorance Publishing Company, 2021)
  • Diversity Matters: The Color, Shape and Tone of Twenty-first Century Diversity (Lexington Books, 2021)

Eileen Klein, Associate Professor of Social Work, SSHS

  • Lived Experiences of LGBTQ People: What Helps and What Hurts (Nova Publications, New York, 2021)

Sarah Koenig, Assistant Professor of History, HGS

  • Providence and the Invention of American history (Yalebooks, 2021)

Irina Lopez, Professor of Spanish, HGS

Henri Lustiger-Thaler, Professor of Sociology, SSHS

  • Through the Lens of Faith: Auschwitz (Steidl GmbH Publishers, Germany, 2019) 

David Oh, Associate Professor of Communication Arts (Media Studies), CA

  • Whitewashing the Movies (Rutgers University Press, 2021)
  • Mediating the South Korean Other: Representations and Discourses of Difference in the Post/Neocolonial Nation-State (University of Michigan Press, expected in 2022)

Rebecca Root, Associate Professor of Political Science & International Studies, HGS

  • “Indigenous Rights in Latin America.” In Gender & Rights, one volume of the five-volume series Key Concepts in Indigenous Studies. (Routledge Press, 2020)

Mihaela Serban, Professor of Law & Society, SSHS 

Hugh Sheehy, Associate Professor of Creative Writing/Literature, HGS

  • Modern Wonders (Acre Books, in progress)

Liat Shklarski, Assistant Professor of Social Work, SSHS

  • A Contemporary Approach to Clinical Supervision: The Supervisee Perspective (co-authored with A. Abrams; Routledge, UK, 2021)

Osei Tweneboah, Assistant Professor of Data Science, TAS

  • Data Science in Theory and Practice: Techniques for Big Data Analytics and Complex Data Sets (Wiley, 2021)

Lisa Williams, Professor of Literature, HGS

  • Forget Russia (New York: Tailwinds Press, New York, 2020)