Discover the Power of ‘Me’ and ‘We’

You may already know you’re competitive, or team-oriented, or work hard to achieve your goals. You may have a clear vision of the classes you want to take, the profession you want to pursue, or the overall course of your life.

 Can you do all six at once? Those are the boundaries our student athletes push: personal, athletic, academic, and intellectual. It’s the Division III philosophy: compete hard, play fair, hit the books.  

Roadrunners aren’t famous for sitting still, after all. So, maybe you’ll try a new sport or one that you didn’t get to finish in your senior year in high school.

Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Track and Field, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Cross Country, Field Hockey, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Soccer, Softball, Women’s Swimming, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Track an Field…

We did say Roadrunners don’t sit still.

Fitness for Everyone

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports offer all Ramapo College students, faculty and staff the chance to participate in a wide variety of team, individual sports and special events. Everyone is given the chance to compete, stay fit and make new friends, regardless of your ability level.

Active participation in intramural programs can provide you with worthwhile use of leisure time, as well as contribute greatly to your total development. You are invited and encouraged to participate in any aspect of the intramural program.

The success of the Co-Ed Intramural Program depends solely upon you. We are looking forward to your participation during the course of the year. Some of the most popular Intramural programs at Ramapo College of New Jersey include:

• Flag football
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Softball
• Soccer

• Cardio kickboxing
• Zumba
• CrossFit
• Spinning

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