Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Leigh Cregan Keller

Serials/Information Literacy Coordinator/Director
Ext: 7316 | E-mail: lkeller1

Linda Reppert

Unit Secretary
Ext: 7569 | E-mail: lreppert

Tibor Csokasi

Systems and Special Projects Administrator
Ext: 7584 | E-mail: tcsokasi


Katie Cohen

Interlibrary Loan, Reference & Instruction Librarian
Ext: 7577 | E-mail: kcohen1

Christina Connor

Assessment and Instruction Librarian
Liaison: ASB, American History Textbook Project Coordinator
Ext: 7581 | E-mail: cconnor

Shirley Knight

Reference/Instruction & Government Documents Librarian
Liaison: SSHS, FYS
Ext: 7315 | E-mail: sknight

Susan Kurzmann

College Archivist, Reference & Instruction Librarian
Liaison: HGS
Ext: 7199 | E-mail: skurzman

Marcia M. Sexton

Technical Services Librarian
Ext: 7362 | E-mail: msexton

Elizabeth Siecke

Reference & Instruction Librarian
Ext: 7318 | E-mail: esiecke

Madel Tisi

Circulation, Reference & Instruction Librarian
Ext: 7510 | E-mail: mtisi

Samantha Wittenberg

System and Web Development Librarian
Liaison: TAS
Ext: 6236 | E-mail: switten1


Christina Connor

Instruction/Emerging Technologies Librarian
Liaison: ASB
Ext: 7581 | E-mail: Email Us

Samantha Wittenberg

System and Web Development Librarian
Liaison: TAS
Ext: 6236 | E-mail: Email Us


Robert JP Graham

Circulation Desk Supervisor/Interim Course Reserves Coordinator
Ext: 7838 | E-mail: rgraham6

Barbara Johnson

Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
Ext: 7579 | E-mail: bjohnson

Stephanie Jones

Circulation Desk Supervisor
Ext: 7313 | E-mail: sjones

Lili Pasaporte

Circulation Desk Supervisor
Ext: 7822 | E-mail: lpasapor


Anita Cappello

Monograph Purchasing
Ext: 7314 | E-mail: acappell

Vito Savino

Budget Supervisor/Serials & Series Purchasing
Ext: 7582 | E-mail: vsavino