Circulation Services and Policies

Circulation Services and Policies

Potter Library’s Circulation Desk handles the borrowing, return, and renewal of library materials including course reserves. The Circulation Desk staff can be reached at 201.684.7575.

Who Can Borrow

Students, faculty, and staff of Ramapo College have full borrowing privileges. A valid, barcoded Ramapo ID must be presented when checking out materials. Library barcodes may be obtained at the Circulation desk.

Guest Borrowers

The Potter Library extends borrowing privileges to:

  • Ramapo Alumni
  • Friends of Ramapo – Including faculty and staff retirees.
  • Community Borrowers – Residents of Rockland County, NY or the State of New Jersey.
  • Reciprocal borrowers from the Virtual Academic Library Environment (VALE) Institutions – VALE is a statewide consortium composed of public and private institutions of higher education. As a member of the VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Program, Ramapo offers borrowing privileges to students, faculty and staff from other participating institutions. A signed “VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Application Form”, available from their home library, will need to be presented at Potter Library’s Circulation Desk. The patron will then be issued with a guest borrower’s card, which will be valid for one academic year and will have an expiration date of June 30.
Loan Periods

Patrons Books Course Reserves Videos/DVDs Laptops
Ramapo Undergraduate Students 14 days, no limit, 2 renewals 4 hours, limit 1, no renewals 3 days, limit 3, no renewals 2 hours, no renewals; Library Use Only
Ramapo Faculty End of semester; no limit, no renewals 3 days, limit 3, no renewals 7 days, limit 3, no renewals N/A
Ramapo Adjunct Faculty & Staff 28 days; no limit, no renewals 4 hours, limit 1, no renewals 7 days, limit 3, no renewals N/A
Ramapo Graduate Students 14 days, no limit, 2 renewals 4 hours, limit 1 no renewals 3 days, limit 3, no renewals 2 hours, no renewals; Library Use Only
Alumni, Community Borrowers, Faculty & Staff Retirees 14 days, limit 3, 1 renewal N/A N/A N/A
VALE Reciprocal Faculty, Staff 28 days, limit 3, 1 renewal N/A N/A N/A
VALE Reciprocal Undergraduate Students & Graduate Students 14 days, limit 3, 1 renewal N/A N/A N/A

Books may be renewed two times unless another patron has requested them. Please note that course reserve items may not be renewed. Patrons may renew in person, by calling the Circulation Desk (201-684-7575) or by selecting the My Account tab from the library online catalog.

Fines and Fees for Overdue Items

Patrons are responsible for returning library materials on time. Notices for overdue materials are sent as a courtesy and failure to get one does not relieve a borrower from the responsibility of returning the overdue materials.

A fine of $75.00 ($50 replacement fee and $25 processing fee) will be charged for items that are not returned 28 days after the due date. A bill will be generated on students’ Office of Student Accounts accounts. Borrowing privileges will be suspended for outstanding charges of $75 or more. Transcripts and diplomas may also be held until the charges are resolved. To avoid fines please return all materials promptly.

Any questions about book charges should be directed to Lili Pasaporte, at 201.684.7822 (email: or Marcia Sexton, at 201.684.7362 (email:

Fines and Fees for Overdue Course Reserves

Due to the high demand for Course Reserves, fines will be strictly imposed if items are kept past the due date and time:

  • All course reserve items only circulate for 4 hours. If an item is not returned on time, we will charge an overdue fine of $1.00/hour for each item, with a maximum fine of $100.
  • Once the item is returned, and proven to be in good condition, a bill will be generated charging the student the appropriate late fee.
  • Once the maximum fine is reached and if the item has still not been returned, a bill will be generated charging the student a $100 late fee, a replacement charge based on the current cost of the item, and an additional $25 processing fee.
  • A student may be permitted to purchase a replacement copy after consulting with the Course Reserves Coordinator (see contact info below). The student will still be billed for the $25 processing fee, as well as the appropriate late fees.
  • Additional fees will be assessed and charged if items are returned in damaged condition.
  • The student’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue item is returned and the outstanding fines and fees are paid to the Office of Student Accounts.
  • All fines and fees must be paid to the Bursar’s Office.

Any questions on Course Reserves fines and fees should be directed to Marcia Sexton, Interim Course Reserves Coordinator, at

Replacements for Lost Books

The default price for replacing lost books is $75.00. A patron may replace the lost book with one that he or she has bought providing it has the same International Standard Book Number (ISBN) as the lost book. Please note that the library will not accept damaged items or items with mark up as replacements. Prior to purchasing a replacement copy, the patron should check with the Circulation staff first. The patron will be billed for $25.00 processing fee, to be collected by the Office of Student Accounts.

Holds on Circulating Books

Patrons may put a hold on items that are checked out by speaking to a Circulation staff. Patrons will be notified when the book is returned and the book will be on the “Hold” shelf. The book will be shelved back on the regular shelves if it is not picked up in seven days. Note: Course reserve items, video cassettes and DVDs may not be put on hold.

Missing Book Searches

Patrons who cannot find books on the shelves should ask the Circulation staff for assistance. A form (available from the Circulation Desk), should be completed in cases of missing books or when patrons claim to have returned the books that are still outstanding in their accounts. Our staff will conduct thorough searches for the book and patrons will be notified of the outcome.

If patrons have any questions about their accounts, they should contact Madel Tisi, Circulation, Reference & Instruction Librarian at 201-684-7510 (email:

Food and Drink Policy

Beverages in covered containers are permitted in the library. However, in order to protect the library’s collections, equipment, & furniture and to maintain a clean and healthy environment for everybody, food is not permitted in the library. The NO FOOD policy applies to all library spaces including the study rooms, computer lab, Information Literacy classroom, and American History Textbook Project room. Library users who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the library.

Book Drop

Patrons may return books in the book drop (located outside the main entrance of the library building) only when the library is closed. DVDs and video cassettes these should be returned in person at the circulation desk during regular hours to avoid damaging them.

Confidentiality of Patron Records

The library supports the confidentiality of its patron records. See Policy.

Students Filming in the Library

Students of Ramapo College can film in George T. Potter Library as long as prior authorization is obtained and the filming contract is submitted. See Contract.