Recreational Reading Collection

Recreational Reading Collection Services and Policies

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What is the Recreational Reading Collection?

The Recreational Reading Collection is a small collection of titles covering various topics and genres, often outside the general library collection scope, with a focus on recreational reading.

Book selection and recommendations

To make recommendations, please contact Sam Wittenberg and put “Recreational Reading” in the Subject line. Due to the small size of the collection, we will not be able to collect complete sets for long-running series.

Where can I find the collection?

The Recreational Reading Collection is located on the 3rd floor of the library in the reading lounge area near circulation.

Checking out items from the Recreational Reading Collection

Items from the Recreational Reading Collection are available to patrons for the same circulation period as the regular collection. For more information on circulation policies, please read Circulation Services and Policies.

Fines and overdue items

For information on the library’s fines policies and procedures, please see Circulation Services and Policies.

Ordering Library Materials for the Permanent Collection

For faculty looking to order materials for the regular collection, please see the Guidelines for Ordering Library Materials.