Faculty Guidelines for Placing Materials on Course Reserve

Faculty Guidelines for Placing Materials on Course Reserve

If you have any questions, please contact the Interim Reserves Coordinator, Marcia Sexton: 201.684.7362; email: msexton@ramapo.edu or reserve@ramapo.edu.


  • Please allow at least one week for your requests to be processed.
  • Faculty is responsible for copyright compliance.
  • Items will be removed after one year, unless we are otherwise notified.
  • While we do our best to safeguard your personal materials, the library is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Please complete a Reserves Request Form and bring any physical materials (books, DVDs, etc.) to be placed on reserve to the Circulation Desk.

The following materials may be placed on reserve for your courses:

  1. Books
    1. Before including library-owned books in your syllabus please check the library catalog to ensure that the books are not missing or out on loan.
    2. Textbooks are not part of the library’s collection. However, faculty-owned textbooks may be placed on reserve for your class.

  2. Electronic Reserves
    1. Documents with 25 pages or less are automatically processed as e-reserves
    2. Documents over 25 pages will be processed as hard copies only.
    3. The full citation for the source of articles, book chapters or excerpts must be provided.

  3. DVDs and Other Media
    1. Media must be clearly labeled with its title, director and production company.

  4. Ordering Materials for Course Reserves
    1. If you would like to place an item on reserve that is not currently in our collection, please fill out a request form.