Borrowing in Person from Other Colleges and Universities

Borrowing in Person from Other Colleges & Universities

Ramapo Students, Faculty, and staff: Please contact the specific VALE member library for their updated policy. If you have any questions, please email Madel Tisi, VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Coordinator, at

The Potter Library participates in the Virtual Academic Library Environment (VALE) Reciprocal Borrowing Program: Ramapo students, faculty, and staff are allowed to borrow books in person from other academic libraries including Rutgers Universities (all campuses), Montclair State, Monmouth, Seton Hall, NJIT and William Paterson.

Procedures and Guidelines:

  1. If you would like to borrow books in person from a participating VALE library, please stop at the Research Help Desk to obtain a signed VALE reciprocal borrowing form. Please note that if you go directly to the lending library without this signed form, you will NOT be allowed to borrow.
  2. A valid Ramapo ID is also required to register at VALE libraries.
  3. Present the signed borrowing from and your Ramapo ID at the library’s Circulation Desk.
  4. The lending library will issue you with a guest borrower’s card which is good for one academic year and expire June 30th.
  5. You will be responsible for returning all items directly to the lending library.
  6. You are expected to comply with the lending library’s circulation policies.
  7. We ask for your cooperation in returning the borrowed materials promptly so as not to jeopardize our good relations with the lending library.

Participating Libraries for Undergraduate Students:

Participating Libraries for Graduate Students:

Participating Libraries for Faculty and Staff:

Updated January 28, 2021