American History Test Book Project

American History Text Book Project

The American History Textbook Project (AHTP) is located on the second floor of the Library/Learning Commons in room 215. The collection is LIBRARY USE ONLY and restricted to the Special Collection Reading Room. To access the materials, students must make an appointment with Christina Connor ( for access to the collection or email Ms. Connor to see when the space is available for open research time.

For access to the digital collection, please see the online guide:

First-time users must sign a Guidelines for Accessing and Using the American History Textbook Project form. This form is to ensure all students using the books understand the rules for using the collection.

Rules of Use:

Books within the AHTP Collection are rare and fragile. Each book is unique and cannot be replaced.

Therefore, students must agree to the following rules before accessing the collection:

  1. Use of AHTP books is RESTRICTED to the Special Collection Reading Room located in room 215 in the Library/Learning Commons. No book is available for loan. You must make an appointment with Christina Connor ( for access to the collection.
  2. We encourage you to take a picture of the information you want to copy. If you do need a scan of any of the materials, please ask the student or librarian working in the room.
  3. Please DO NOT write in AHTP books.
  4. Please handle books with care – some are very fragile. Books within boxes should be handled with the most care.
  5. Please keep all items found while paging through materials (e.g., bookmarks, notes, etc.) within AHTP books.

Thank you for your cooperation! Please contact Christina Connor ( if you have any questions.