Our Founders

The Havemeyer Edible Garden & Bee Hives at Ramapo College would not be possible without the volunteer work and/or financial assistance of the following founders:

Mrs. Millicent Anisfield
Mrs. Elaine Adler
Mrs. Cornelia Baker
Ms. Hilary Cantilina
Ms. Cathy Davey
Dr. Jackie Ehlert-Mercer
Mrs. Debi Elezovic
Mrs. Salma Goldstein
Mrs. Frances Hackett ’80
Mrs. Nancy & Mr. Robert Kossowsky
Dr. Seyma Levine
Dr. Peter P. Mercer
Mrs. Gail Marino
Ms. Stephanie Mallardi
Mrs. Eugenie Portanova
Mrs. Joyce Srednicki
Helen Stewart Thayer
Mr. Brad, Mrs. Madeleine & Lauren Williams
Mrs. Alice Axenfield-Storm
Ms. Carol Brock
Mrs. Teresa Battaglia
Ms. Suzanne Celentano
Mrs. Linda Dator
Ms. Martha Erickson
Mrs. Diane Flynn
Mrs. Rachel Hirschfeld
Mrs. Margaret Henry-Wagner ‘75
Mrs. Rebecca Kraus
Mrs. Elizabeth Mastrangelo
Mrs. Pam McBride
Mrs. Charlotte Martyn
Dr. Marjorie McDonnell
Mrs. Roz Ross
Mrs. Theresa Salameno
Mrs. Enilda Sansone
Ms. Leah Peterson
Mrs Stephanie Ava Keller
Ms. Tracey Brooker
Mrs. Gail Brady
Ms. Joeen Cianella
Mrs. Joan Dunn
Dr. Dorothy Echols-Tobe
Mrs. Kathleen Galto
Mrs. Ann Hiden
Ms. Louisa Hargrave
Mrs. Paula & Lauren Lipes
Dr. Carolyn Merkel ’78
Mrs. Maryanne Means
Mrs. Joan Malcolm
Mrs. Lisa Peterson
Ms. Rosa Ross
Ms. Francesca Salameno ’06
Mrs. Florence Thomases
Mrs. Judith Webster
The Mandarin Oriental, New York
Ramapo College Alumni Association
Forcellati Brothers
Tavern On The Green, New York
Abigail Kirsch Catering
Deussen Global Communications MKW & Associates
Whole Foods Ridgewood
Stryker Inc
Satur Farms, Barbeta, New York Sodexho
Campus Services

What some of our founders say about the Havemeyer Edible Garden at Ramapo College

“This flourishing garden provides a rich learning resource to both our College and the New Jersey community.”

 Linda Dator

“It is necessary to instill in our youth the importance of living well. Life cannot be lived without food, and good health is dependent on our ability to discern which foods will benefit our bodies, mind and souls. The Havemeyer Edible Garden is the first step to understanding what constitutes the good life. It is more than a program. It can be a new way of living!”

 Gail Marino

“In this fast-paced world children are living in, it is important for them to step back and slow down. One way to accomplish this is to change the relationship they have with food by going back to the source where the human connection to food begins… the earth.

 Nancy Kossowsky