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Catalog 2003-2004
Communication Arts (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Contemporary Arts
Convener: Patricia Keeton

NOTE: A course cannot count in more than one category.
Foundation Courses 9 crs.

Students will be Provisional (CCOP) majors until they have completed the following three classes with an average grade point of 2.5.
CCOM115 Fundamentals of Mass Communication  
CCOM105 Writing for the Media  
And Choose one of the following:  
CCOM331 Media Issues and Ethics  
CCOM317 Media and Persuasion  
CINT327 Gobal/Multicultural Media Issues  
Category 1: Oral Communication (choose one of the following) 3 crs.

CCOM101 Effective Speaking  
CCOM107 Interpersonal Communications  
CCOM222 Public Speaking  
CCOM234 Intercultural Communications  
Category 2: Design and Aesthetics (choose one of the following) 3-4 crs.

CART102 Fundamentals of Design  
CCOM215 Visual Storytelling  
CCOM237 Graphic Design  
CTHE217 Visual Imagination  
Category 3: Writing and Idea Development (choose one of the following) 3-4 crs.

CCOM208 Newsprinting: Print Journalism  
CCOM220 Scriptwriting  
CCOM266 Writing for Electronic Media  
Category 4: Principles/History (choose one of the following) 3 crs.

CCOM201 Digital Literacy  
CCOM209 History of Telecommunications  
CCOM211 Organizational Communication  
CCOM229 World Cinema Movements  
CCOM231 Principles of Public Relations  
Category 5: Media and Technology (choose one of the following) 4 crs.

CCOM202 Designing for the Web  
CCOM206 Audio for the Media  
CCOM218 Field Video Production  
CCOM263 Computer Imaging  
Category 6: Politics and Society (choose one of the following) 3 crs.

Some courses below may also satisfy Gen Ed requirements
AAMR 305 Inside America
AAMR 315 Class in America
AANT 223 World Cultures
AHST 201 WWII: Global Perspectives
AHST 215 20th Century America
AHST 219 Contemporary Latin America
AHST 226 Immigration to America
AHST 228 20th Century U.S. Social History
AHST 263 Contemporary Africa
AHST 266 Politics of Europe
MHST 229 20th Century Europe
A/MHST 243 African American History II
AHST 280 Asian/Latino Immigration
AHST 355 Human Rights in Latin America
AINS/BBAD 316 World Political Economy
AINS 317 Contemporary Eastern Europe
APOL 206 Political Theory
APOL 210 Public Policy
APOL 223 American Government
APOL 227 Politics of Developing Nations
APOL 233 East Asia: History and Politics
APOL 235 International Politics
APOL 236 Politics of Globalization
APOL 239 Congress and the Legislative Process
APOL 265/ BIBS 265 International Political Economy
APOL 302 European Politics
APOL 308 Contemporary Problems in American Government
A/MPOL 309 Civil Rights
APOL 312 United Nations in World Politics
APOL 315 America's Vietnam Experience
A/MPOL 349 American Foreign Policy
APOL 365 Contemporary Problems in International Relations
MECO 113 Intro to Macroeconomics
MECO 254 Fundamentals of Political Economics
MSOC 210 Global Workplace
MSOC 215 Sociology of Race Relations
MSOC 221 Social Movements
MSOC 302 Third World Women
Category 7: Literature (choose one of the following) 3-4 crs.

Some courses may also satisfy Gen Ed requirements.
ALIT 202 Survey of American Literature I
ALIT 203 Survey of British Literature I
ALIT 204 American Short Story
ALIT 230 African American Literature
ALIT 224 20th Century American Literature
MMET 223 Women Writers: A Medley of Voices
Category 8: Methods and Management (choose one of the following) 3 crs.

CCOM 211 Organizational Communication
CCOM 223 Multimedia Publication Design
CCOM 228 Principles of Advertising
CCOM 301 Broadcast & Telecommunications Systems
CCOM 302 Principles of Contemporary Arts Management
CCOM 331 Media Issues and Ethics
CCOM 333 Producing the Newspaper
CCOM 350 Business of Film
CCOM 358 Leadership/Group Communication
Category 9: Media Production and Performance
(choose two courses - one must be 300 level)
6-8 crs.

CCOM 202 Designing for the Web
CCOM 206 Audio for Media
CCOM 207 TV Studio Production
CCOM 208 Newswriting: Print Journalism
CCOM 210 Performance for Electronic Media
CCOM 212 Radio Broadcasting
CCOM 213 Graphics with Computers
CCOM 218 Field Video Production
CCOM 220 Scriptwriting
CCOM 226 Copy Editing
CCOM 230 Elements of Creative Writing
CCOM 257 Desktop Publishing
CCOM 263 Computer Imaging
CCOM 266 Writing for Electronic Media
CCOM 304 Writing for Publication
CCOM 306 Video Journalism
CCOM 308 Documentary Video Production
CCOM 309 Radio Practicum
CCOM 311 Community Journalism
CCOM 313 Non-Broadcast Media Production
CCOM 314 Producing for Television
CCOM 321 Voice and Diction
CCOM 322 Web Production
CCOM 324 Reporting/Writing for Online Media
CCOM 326 Persuasion Theory and Practice
CCOM 327 Title/Typography Design for Screen-Based Media
CCOM 328 Narrative Art
CCOM 329 Photojournalism
CCOM 330 Producing for Radio
CCOM 338 Producing Audio
CCOM 339 Producing for Print
CCOM 344 Writing the Screenplay
CCOM 346 Creative Advertising and Public Relations
CCOM 353 Videotape Editing
CCOM 358 Leadership/Group Communication
CCOM 362 Sound and Motion for Web
CCOM 365 Broadcast News Reporting
Category 10: 400-level Portfolio Course
   or 2nd course in Category 9 or 11
3-4 crs.

Choose one course from Category 10 or one additional 300 level course from Category 9 or choose one additional course from Category 11. Courses may not double count in more than one category. CCOM 312: Proposal Development and Research may be a prerequisite; consult with your advisor.
CCOM 403 Advanced Newswriting
CCOM 404 Advanced Projects: New Media & Design
CCOM 408 Advanced Projects: Radio/Audio
CCOM 423 Advanced Projects: Writing
CCOM 430 Advanced Projects: Electronic News Production
CCOM 432 Advanced Audio
CCOM 433 Advanced Projects: Video Production
CCOM 440 Advanced Projects: TV Production
CCOM 441 Advanced Projects: Non-Linear Editing
CCOM 445 Advanced Projects: Communication Arts
CCOM 447 Advanced Projects: Public Communication
Category 11: Internship, Co-op, or Service Learning 3-4 crs.

Choose one of the three following experiential learning course options.
CCNT 388 CO-OP Contemporary Arts
CINT 422 Internship

  Minimum 46-52 crs.

School Core Requirements
School of Contemporary Arts

Lower Level Distribution  
Choose one course from each of the following three categories
(for a list of courses in these categories, see Lower Level Distribution Courses)
9-12 crs.
Visual Arts

Upper Level Core**
Two upper-level (300/400) Contemporary Arts courses designated CA Upper Level Core 6-8 crs.

Core Credits: 15-20 crs.

**Courses taken to fulfill the upper level core cannot be counted in the major

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