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Catalog 2003-2004
Lower Level Core Distribution Courses
School of Contemporary Arts

(Choose the appropriate categories required by your major)

Communication Arts  
  CCOM 101 Effective Speaking
CCOM 105 Writing for the Media
CCOM 107 Interpersonal/Intercultural Comm.
CCOM 113 Intro. to Communication Arts
CCOM 115 Fund. of Mass Communications
CCOM 222 Public Speaking
CCOM 229 World Cinema Movements
  CMUS 101 Introduction to Music
CMUS 123 Foundations of Music I
CMUS 124 Foundations of Music II
CMUS 126 Ramapo Chorale
CMUS 201 Music in Our Time
CMUS 202 Black Experience through Music
CMUS 206 Technique for Singers
CMUS 209 Aural Skills
CMUS 216 Music in the Mass Media
CMUS 222 Music in the Theater
CMUS 224 Film Music
CMUS 227 Gospel Chorus
CMUS 237 History of Jazz
CMUS 249 American Musical Traditions
CMUS 251 Songwriting Workshop
CMUS 253 Music Perform. and Recording
CMUS 255 Music in Culture
CMUS 263 Business of Music
  CINT 210 Black Experience Through Theater
CTHE 104 Introduction to Theater
CTHE 115 Basic Acting for Non-Majors
CTHE 203 The Craft of Costume
CTHE 209 British Theater
CTHE 213 Theater Production Workshop
CTHE 221 Basic Acting
CTHE 226 Basic Lighting for Stage and TV
CTHE 227 Stagecraft
CTHE 232 History of Theater
CTHE 233 Development of Modern Theater
CTHE 245 Playwriting
CTHE 242 Producing the Play
Visual Arts   
  CART 101 Fundamentals of Drawing
CART 102 Fundamentals of Design
CART 112 Intro. Fine Arts- Visual Arts
CARH 207 Latin American Art
CART 220 Fundamentals of Comp. Art
CART 222 Basic Photography
CART 223 Basic Painting
CART 225 Basic Sculpture
CART 228 Three Dimensional Design
CART 232 Art and Interaction
CART 238 Digital Video Art
CART 243 Digital Photography
CART 245 Basic Filmmaking
CART 247 Graphic Comm. and Design
CARH 204 The Purposes of Art
CARH 214 Photo: Concepts and Hist.
CARH 220 Renaissance Art
CARH 240 Art, Artists and Society
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