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Catalog 2003-2004
African American Studies
Requirements of the Minor
School of Social Science and Human Services
Convener: Virginia Gonsalves-Domond

NOTE: A school core is NOT required for completion of the minor.
Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.

AHST 255/MHST 242 African American History I 3 crs.
AHST 243/MHST 243 African American History II 3 crs.
ALIT 230 African-American Literature 3 crs.
AAMR 308 African-American Social and Political Thought 3 crs.
Electives: Choose one course in each of the 3 categories listed below 9 crs.
Social Sciences:  
  AHST 251 Ancient Egypt
MSOC 215 Sociology of Race Relations
B/MPSY 231 Multicultural Psychology
MSOC 240 The Black Family
MSOC 303 Third World Women
MPSY 317 Psychology of Racism
MPSY 239 Cross-Cultural Psychology
MPSY 430 Advanced Topics in Black Psychology
Humanities and Culture:  
  AAMR 241 African-American Culture and Civilization
MMET 215 African Americans in Film
ALIT 280 The Harlem Renaissance
CMUS 202 Black Experience Through Music
CINT 310 Black Experience Through Media
ALIT 334 African American Women Writers
ALIT 320 Black Odyssey in Literature
CINT 424 African American Women in Film
CINT 210 Black Experience Through the Theater
CINT 432 Media, Sports and Society
CMUS 237 History of Jazz
History and Political Thought and Practice  
  AHST 263 Contemporary Africa
AHST 338 East African History
A/MPOL 231 Black Americans and the Political System
MMET 217 Minority Women’s Issues
AAMR 241 African American Culture and Civilization
MHST 347 Age of Segregation
AAMR/MMET 362 The Political Legacy of Malcolm X
MHST 353 The Black Power Era
M/APOL 309 Civil Rights

  Minimum 21 crs.

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