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Catalog 2003-2004
Economics (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Administration and Business
Convener: Teresa Hutchens

B/MECO 113 Introduction to Macrooeconomics 3 crs.
BECO 114 Microeconomics 3 crs.
MECO 246 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 crs.
BECO 247 Intermediate Microeconomics 3 crs.
Six Economics Electives 18 crs.
  Economics electives may be chosen from any course with the designation BECO OR MECO (excluding BECO 388 and MECO 388 CO-OP in Economics).
Some examples are:
BECO/AHST 253 American Economic History
MECO 254 Fundamentals of Political Economics
BECO 302 Money and Economic Activity
MECO 304 Political Economy of Global Capitalism
BECO 305 Industrial Organization
BECO 310 Econometrics
MECO 322 Labor Economics
BECO 323 Comparative Economic Systems
BECO 325 International Economics
MECO 360 Economic Development
MECO 401 Internship in Economics

  Minimum 30 crs.

One of the electives may be outside of Economics (e.g. advanced work in Finance or Mathematics) with the approval of the convenor.

Students interested in graduate work in Economics are strongly urged to take SMTH 111 Calculus I.
SAB School Core Requirements

School Core  
BBAD 115 Perspectives of Business and Society
(waived for transfer students with 60 or more credits)
4 crs.
B/MECO 113 Introduction to Macroeconomics* 3 crs.
BECO 114 Microeconomics* 3 crs.
A designated international category course 3 crs.
A designated course in organizational theory and behavior 3 crs.
APHL 301 Ethics in Business or other ethics course 3 crs.
Professional Core  
BATG 221 Principles of Financial Accounting 3 crs.
BBAD 225 Management Statistics 3 crs.
BINF 224 Principles of Information Technology 3 crs.
BFIN 301 Corporate Finance I 3 crs.

  Minimum 31 crs.

NOTE: Grades in the Professional Core will not be included in computing the GPA in the major.
* Also applies toward requirements of the major.

NOTE: The Economics major is offered by both the School of Administration and Business and the School of Social Science and Human Services. All Ramapo students must complete a school core. Economics majors must complete either the school core requirements for the School of Administration and Business or the School of Social Science and Human Services.

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