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“There’s no greater importance in life than knowing you’ve helped a fellow human being.” 
Russ Berrie, 1933-2002

Russ Berrie holding a teddy bear

Mr. Russ Berrie

It’s time to nominate Unsung New Jersey Heroes for the 2022 Russ Berrie Making a Difference Award.

Winners of the Russ Berrie Making a Difference Award come from all over New Jersey and from all walks of life. They are your friends and neighbors, community leaders and advocates, people who saw a problem and took action to solve it. People who understood that injustice and inequity must be ended so all can have opportunity. These Unsung Heroes range in age from pre-teens to senior citizens.

Do you know, work for, or volunteer with someone who is making their community a better place? We encourage you to take a few minutes and nominate a special person you’ve encountered and give him or her the chance to be recognized for their service.

Ten outstanding individuals will be honored at our 26th Anniversary Award Ceremony in May 2022. There will be one top award of $50,000; two $25,000 awards, and up to seven $7,500 awards.

Nominate your Unsung New Jersey Hero today!

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