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Travel with Ramapo Professors

Who creates the itineraries for our tours?

Each faculty member selects his or her destination, chooses the sites to be visited, and then crafts the daily itinerary in collaboration with the Foundation and the travel agency.

How many people will there be on each tour?

In order to create a warm feeling of companionship and sociability we will limit the number of participants to 25 travelers or less. Each of our trips will be accompanied by a Ramapo Professor and a professional tour manager who will facilitate all air, hotel arrangements, entrance fees, and transportation matters.

What type of hotels are included in each tour?

We have chosen upscale hotels that offer comfort, good food and a warm ambiance.

Will travelers insurance be provided?

In case of an emergency, travel insurance can help protect participants from unexpected costs. Insurance options will be provided to all participants in the  travel program, including protection plans safeguarding the traveler before, during and after the trip.

How will I know what to bring on my tour? What shall I read in preparation for each travel journey?

After booking a tour, each travel participant will be provided with a packet that will include practical information on what to bring and wear and a detailed reading list.

Whom do I contact for further questions about the tours?

For all questions about the tours, please feel free to contact Institutional Advancement at (201)684-7612 or