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Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus this program has been canceled.

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Travel with Ramapo Professors

Peter P. Mercer

I am pleased to announce the next trip in the Travel with Ramapo Professors Program.  The Ramapo College Foundation will be venturing to Ireland with a trip led by Professor Edward Shannon on June 8-18, 2020.

These trips are designed specifically for you and focus on areas of interest such as art and photography, literature, religion, archaeology, music, culinary arts, and more!  Unique trips have already taken place in Israel led by Professor Ira Spar and southern France led by President Peter Mercer and Dr. Jaqueline Ehlert-Mercer.

Each trip will provide travelers with the opportunity to learn, reminisce, and become richly engaged all over again while experiencing the rare personal discovery that comes with traveling through a foreign country.

Over 100 Ramapo College undergraduate students study abroad each year to countries such as China, Italy, Spain, India, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom. We are keen to grow that number by making international travel a reality for well-deserving students and future alumni. To this end, a portion of the proceeds from each of these trips will support the College’s Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.

I hope you will participate in this unique opportunity to travel abroad.


Peter P. Mercer
President, Ramapo College of New Jersey