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Grants Overview


Fall 2022 deadline: November 18

Spring 2023 deadline: March 24

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Have an innovative idea involving technology?
Need funding to make it happen?
TLTR can help!
The  Fall TLTR deadline is November 18, 2022.

The Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) awards “Technology in Teaching and Learning” grants to encourage faculty to integrate technologies, throughout the disciplines, into teaching and learning at Ramapo College.

With an annual budget funded by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, TLTR grants support the efforts of faculty, librarians, and professional staff who teach to develop applications that incorporate the technologies in teaching and learning and related research and assessment. For these grants, the term technology includes but is not limited to computers and library-related electronic resources.  If you have any questions regarding the grants, please contact TLTR co-Chairs Zach Layton ( and Sharon Leathers (

Grant recipients will be required to submit a written report, as well as present their work at a TLTR-sponsored event after the completion of the project. Applications are available on the TLTR website. Completed proposal must be submitted electronically to the

For information on TLTR Technology Grants, check out the informational link below:

TLTR Technology Grants

Need something to get the ideas flowing? Take a look at some Grant Examples.


If you have any questions regarding the grants, please contact Michael Bitz (