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Spring 2022 deadline: March 31

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Have an innovative idea involving technology?
Apply for a TLTR Grant. The Spring 2022 deadline is March 31, 2022.

TLTR Grants

Need something to get the ideas flowing? Take a look at some Grant Examples.

What are TLTR Grants?

Funding for exploring leading edge technology with a broad or deep impact upon a discipline and Ramapo College. Larger technology grants (over $500) support innovative projects that are connected to classroom application or support. TLTR grants may also support smaller, less expensive projects ($20-$500) which may go to the purchase of technologies not currently supplied by the college and may be course-specific.

NOTE: Items purchased remain the property of Ramapo College.

Who is eligible?

Faculty, librarians & professional staff who teach.

NOTE: If you are an adjunct professor or temporary staff member you may jointly apply with a tenured-track faculty, librarian or professional staff member.

When can I apply?

Application deadlines are twice an academic year. Fall grant deadlines are every 3rd Friday in November. Spring grants deadlines are every 4th Friday in March. The Spring deadline is March 31, 2022.  Deadlines are enforced to ensure awards and distribution of funds are done in a timely manner and can be used the following semester.

How can I apply?

Please use the TLTR Technology Grant Application (DOC). Complete proposals should be no longer than 3 pages, double spaced. Please include:

  • Information about your project and how it will affect the use of technology in a class/major/school
  • A clear timetable
  • The activities you plan to carry out to meet your objectives for the project
  • Student learning outcomes that are explicitly listed and can be clearly measured
  • Complete budget (NOTE: When asking for stipends, the number of hours you plan to spend on the project should be indicated.)
  • Method of evaluation of the project
  • Additional attachments applicant feels will help clarify the proposal

Submit your application via email to Awardees will be notified of the Grants Committee’s decision by the end of the semester.

Where do I report my progress?

Recipients will present the results of their grant in a method that can be linked to the TLTR website. (e.g. a report, power point, or video demonstration). This must be done within a year of receiving funding.

Past Recipients

For information on past recipients, please see the Grants Awarded page.