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Grants Awarded


Fall 2022 deadline: November 18

Spring 2023 deadline: March 24

IDC Workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Spring 2022

Year 2021

Fall 2021

Title: Use of Apps in the Classroom to Increase Student Engagement
Proposal Author: Anne Marie Flatekval

Title: Expanding Capacity at the Jane Addams Papers Project
Proposal Author: Cathy Moran Hajo

Spring 2021

Title: Forensic Genetic Genealogy Innocence Lab
Proposal Author: David Gurney

Year 2020

Fall 2020

Title: Modular Skills Trainer
Proposal Author: Joan Richards

Title: Capturing the Fun and the Work: Recording Play Therapy Sessions for Teaching
and Training
Proposal Author: Colleen Daly Martinez

Spring 2020

Title: Request for Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensors
Proposal Author: Patrick Chang

Title: Tablets for Organizing of Programming Languages Course
Proposal Author: Amruth Kumar

Title: The Utilization of the Virtuali Tee Shirt to Enhance Learning in Health Assessment
Proposal Author: Anne Marie Flatekval

Year 2019

Fall 2019

Title: Impact of Virtual Reality Learning Experiences versus Traditional and Non-Traditional Learning Experiences on Student Learning
Proposal Author: Malavika Sundararajan

Title: Using WeVideo for Digital Storytelling
Proposal Author: Monika Giacoppe

Spring 2019

Title: Digital Humanities Pedagogy Workshop
Proposal Author: Susan Hangen

Year 2018

Fall 2018

Title: Integration of Smartphone Digiscope Technology in Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory
Proposal Author: Emer McGuire-Pool

Title: Specialty Microphones for live audio curriculum and activities in the Music Program
Proposal Author: Marc Gidal

Title: Adventures using Raspberry Pi and Python Programming
Proposal Author: Eman Abdelfattah

Spring 2018

Title: Stereo Recording in Field Sound for Film
Proposal Author: Neel Scott

Title: Note Taking Using the LiveScribe 2GB Echo Smart Pen for Students Affiliated with OSS
Proposal Author: Megan Searles and Missy Long

Title: Modular Synthesis in Music Education
Proposal Author: Zach Layton

Year 2017

Fall 2017

Title: American History Textbook Project Preservation and Digitization Initiative
Proposal Author: Christina Connor

Title: The Digital Hand: Virtual Reality for the Tactile Artist
Proposal Author: Joel Weissman

Year 2016

Fall 2016

Title: Development of Ramapo’s First Intelligent Mobile Robotics Course
Proposal Author: Benjamin Fine

Title: Portable Digitization Lab for Primary Source Documents
Proposal Author: Cathy Moran Hajo

Title: Chromebooks for Teacher Education
Proposal Author: Michael Bitz

Spring 2016

Title: Exploring 4K Video Technology
Proposal Author: Renata Gangemi

Title: ArcGIS Introduction Course by Rutgers NJAES
Proposal Author: Timothy K. Judge

Title: The Brain Computer Interface for LLC/FYS and Video Art Students
Proposal Author: Shalom Gorewitz

Year 2015

Fall 2015

Title: Original Analog Recordings and Turntable
Proposal Author: Marc Gidal

Title: Completing the experimental set-up and introducing new experiments in the “Introduction to LabView” course
Proposal Author: Catalin Martin

Spring 2015

Title: Rapid Prototyping as Product and Process within Physical Computing and Modeling & Animation Curricula
Proposal Author: Anne LePore

Title: American History Textbook Project Preservation
Proposal Author: Christina Connor

Title: Creating a Flipped Genetics Classroom
Proposal Author:  Joost Monen

Year 2014

Fall 2014

Title:Wireless Microphone for Recording Classes
Proposal Author: Robert Stawicki

Title:Environmental Monitoring
Proposal Author: Emma Rainforth

Title:Mobile Journalism Gear
Proposal Author: Edna Negron


Spring 2014

Title: Final Cut Pro Keyboard for Online Course Construction
Proposal Author: Todd Barnes

Title: American History Textbook Project Scanner
Proposal Author: Stacie Taranto

Title: Communication Arts Flipped Classroom Trial
Proposal Author: Jonathan Lipkin

Title: Complex X-Ray Spectra of MetGlass – stitching and averaging data
Proposal Author: Daniela Buna

Year 2013

Fall 2013

Title: Electronic Tools for Expressive Musicianship
Proposal Authors: Seth Cluett and Lisa Lutter

Title: Investigating the Development of Musical Applications for Mobile Devices
Proposal Authors: Travis Houldcroft and Ben Neill

Title: Introducing Fiber Optic Experiments in the Classroom
Proposal Author: Caroline Brisson


Spring 2013

Title: Systematically Incorporating Mobile Computing into Computer Science Curriculum
Proposal Author: Amruth Kumar

Title: Computer simulation in the classroom to understanding forest dynamics
Proposal Author: Scott Frees

Year 2012

Spring 2012

Title: Image Scan Storage
Proposal Author: Elvira Katić

Title: Hands-on Sound Synthesis and Analysis
Proposal Author: Seth Cluett

Title: English and Literary Studies Major Podcasts
Proposal Author: Edward Shannon

Title: Development of Online Cognitive Psychology Experiments using Inquisit Software
Proposal Author: Jacqueline Braun

Title: Experimental Trading in Electronic Limit Order Books
Proposal Author: Juan Cabrera

Title: Integrating Multi-Stream A/V into Live Performance
Proposal Author: Jason Hughes

Year 2011

Spring 2011

Title: Reproduction Permission for Photography Reborn
Author: Jonathan Lipkin

Title: Audio for Video
Author: Shalom Gorewitz

Year 2010

Spring 2010

Title: Notebook-mounted LEGO robots for the AI course
Author: Amruth N. Kumar, Computer Science, TAS

Title: Youth Music Exchange: Establishing Community Connections through
Technology and Creativity
Author: Michael Bitz, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Title: Interactive Learning Materials for Musicianship/Foundations of Music
Author: Ursel Schlicht, Adjunct Faculty, Music Concentration, Contemporary Arts

Title: The Color of Silence
Proposal Author(s): Shalom Gorewitz

Title: The creation of simulation scenarios for cross-application in the curriculum
Proposal Author(s): Cristina Perez Stearns, MSN, RN, PhD (c)
Kathleen Moskin, MS, RN, FNP-BC, CDE

Year 2009

Spring 2009


Year 2008

Spring 2008

Jeremy Teigen (AIS)

  • “Gerryminder: Reinventing Teaching Congressional Redistricting with Real Districts using Google Maps Technology”
    Received: $4,000.00

Shalom Gorewitz (CA)

  • “New Skills with Maxon Cinema 4d”
    Received: $2,000.00

Ursel Schlicht and Roger Johnson (CA)

  • “Interactive Learning Materials for Musicianship/Foundations of Music Course”
    Received: $4,000.00

Caroline Brisson (TAS)

  • “Development of Pedagogical Experiments using Spectroscopy with Real-Life Applications to Support Engineering Physics Concepts”
Year 2007

Spring 2007

Ruma Sen (CA)

  • “Using Video Podcasting for Virtual Fieldwork in Communication Research”
    Received: $569.93

Marta Bautis (CA)

  • “Exploring High Definition Technology”
    Received: $4,831.98

Brian Hughes (CA)

  • “Surround Sound Peripherals for Audio Labs”
    Received: $1,530.00

Daniela Buna (TAS)

  • “Visual Aids for Advanced Physics-IDL Logic Based Simulations for Common Advanced Physics Problems”
    Received: $2,630.00
Year 2006

Spring 2006

Carol Bowman (SSHS)

  • “Maximizing Study Abroad”
    Received: $2,400.00

Shalom Gorewitz (CA)

  • “Shiviti”
    Received: $3,068.00

Stephen Jablonsky (CA)

  • “Flash Game Engine to Evaluate Autistic Disorders”
    Received: $4,500.00

Andrew Peterson (TAS)

  • “Instructional Aides for Meteorology”
    Received: $1,993.75

Andrew Peterson (TAS)

  • “Physics Animations”
    Received: $2,975.00
Year 2005

Spring 2005

Patricia Keeton (CA)

  • “Creating the Communication Arts Portfolio: A Web Resource for Faculty and Students”
    Received: $6,175.00

Susan Hangen (AIS)

  • “Digitizing Photographs and Developing Power Point Presentations for Anthropology Classes”
    Received: $1,100.00

Paul Elovitz (AIS)

  • “Establishing Websites for Westerm Studies II and the Award Winning History Club”
    Received: $1,000.00

Ash Stuart (TAS)

  • “IWeb-Based Tools for Advanced Bioinformatics”
    Received: $2,500.00
Year 2004

Spring 2004

Carol Bowman (SSHS)

  • Designing an Electronic Portfolio for Ramapo’s Teacher Certification Students

William Makofski (TAS)

  • Power Point Instructional Materials/Web-enhanced Instruction


  • Introduction to GIS
    Emma C. Rainforth

Edward A. Shannon (AIS)

  • American Studies Major Web Page

Lisa Williams (AIS)

  • Untitled
Year 2003

Spring 2003

Paramjeet Bagga & Robert Shine (TAS)

  • Bioinformatics Database Design for Human Genomic Data

Daniela Buna (TAS)

  • Web-based Lesson PLans & Resources for Integrated Science Course for Elementary Education Teachers (WEBIES)

Charles Carreras (AIS)

  • Edit Videotapes for Use in Classes

Cherrie Kassem (SSHS)

  • Developing Web Portal of Information and Resource Links on Education and Psychology Topics

Iraida Lopez (AIS)

  • Create web-page for Foreign Languages Convening Group

Jonathan Lipkin (CA)

  • Creating On-line Resources to Support Classroom Learning in Computer Imaging

William Makofski (TAS)

  • Develop Power Point Learning Modules

Fall 2003

Shalom Gorewitz (CA)

  • Audio Technology for Video Art Course Module

Irene Kuchta (Library)

  • Purchase JSTOR Business Collection for the Library
Year 2002

Spring 2002

Frank Karpiel (AIS)

  • Digitizing slides and photographic prints for use in teaching Western Civilization I

Paramjeet Bagga (TAS)

  • Application of Bioinformatics tools to study the distribution of a conserved sequence in parts of the Human Genome


  • Learning styles and student success in on-line learning Kathleen Burke & Elaine Patterson

Charles Carreras (AIS)

  • Developing a website that will be included in all his courses

Wayne Hayes (SSHS)

  • Environmental Studies on the Web

Tom Heed (AIS)

  • Assistance to digitize and index the covers of 500+ 1950’s magazines for course resources

V. Scotty Massimo (SSHS)

  • TEC Faculty Fellow Pilot Project Proposal

Alex Urbiel (SSHS)

  • The Course Web Page as Instructional Platform: “Expanding the Boundaries of the Traditional U.S. Survey Course”

Fall 2002

Ian Aronson (CA)

  • “Streaming Video with Real Media/Windows Media,” a hands-on course at NYU

Pat Chang (Student Development)

  • Purchase of 3 Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) modules

Rosetta Geller (CAS)

  • Creating a Web Site for the Center for Academic Success

Shalom Gorewitz (CA)

  • DVD authoring and presentation

Shirley Knight (LIB)

  • One time purchase for the Library

Amruth Kumar (TAS)

  • Developing a Pedagogically Effective Presenter for Transparencies Posted on the Web

Phil McLewin (SSHS)

  • Purchase hardware for TEC trailer supplement instruction

Phil McLewin (SSHS)

  • Active Student Learning in Intermediate Macroeconomics

Robert Becklen (SSHS)

  • Software purchases to return to the classroom
Year 2001

Spring 2001

Stephen Antonucci (AMC)

  • Improve Classroom Teaching Capability with Computers and LCD Projection Equipment

Daniella Buna (TAS)

  • The I-Series of Online Video Physics Experiments

Amruth Kumar (TAS)

  • Posting Transparencies Online for Computer Graphics Course

V. Scotty Massimo (SSHS)

  • TEC Faculty Fellow Pilot Project Proposal

Demetria Royals (CA)

  • Digital Diversity Project

Sue Scher (SSHS)

  • Website Orientation for Social Work Transfer Students

Fall 2001

Visual Arts Convening Group (CA – S. Gorewitz)

  • Enhance Web Presence

William Mitchel (TAS)

  • Online Teaching Website for Genetics (SBIO:331) Students

Mary Goldschmidt (Women’s Center)

  • Implementation of a WebCT Course for College Seminar

Sara Kuplinsky (DBS)

  • Pilot The Use of Web-Based Technology as a complement to In-Class Instruction of Remedial Mathematics

William Makofske (TAS)

  • Implement Website for Energy/Environment

Phil McLewin (SSHS)

  • PowerPoint Presentation & CD-ROMs for RC Library Containing “The Great Paterson Silk Strike of 1913”

Thierry Rakatobe-Joel (SAB)

  • Implementation of Website for Management Course
Year 2000

Spring 2000

Grace Borowitz (TAS)

  • Chemistry Software

Ray Fallon (CCIS)

  • Improve Classroom Technology

Ray Fallon (CCIS)

  • Enhance Computer Labs

Vassiliki Flenga (AIS)

  • Web Site for French Courses

Pat Keeton (CA)

  • Attaining Webmaster Proficiency

Gio Viglino (TAS)

  • Develop Modules for Math with Applications Course

Total Funding AY 1999 -2000: $30,000


Fall 2000

Wayne Hayes (AIS)

  • The Public Policy Web Site

Thomas Heed (AIS)

  • How to Author Multimedia, Multi-disciplinary CDs or DVDs

Shalom Gorewitz (CA)

  • Underground Media Since 1950

Kay Fowler (DBS)

  • Developing a MOO

Jonathan Lipkin (CA)

  • Training Communication Arts Faculty

Rosetta Geller (DBS)

  • College Algebra Web Site

Grace Borowitz (TAS)

  • PCModel, PCSpartan and STN Express for Chemistry

Robert Mentore (TAS)

  • Computers in Chemistry Curriculum

Total Funding Academic Year 1998-99: $30,000

Year 1999

Spring 1999

Bear (TAS)

  • Developing Software Computationally Intensive for Statistical Tests

Fowler (BS)

  • Developing a MOO Module for Science Fiction & Teaching

Buna (TAS)

  • Computerized Measuring Instrumentation for Scientists & Engineers

Urbiel (SSHS)

  • Participation in Summer Institute

S. Perry (CA)

  • Educating CA Faculty in Web Authoring

P. Pickens (CCIS)

  • New Student Orientation: Presenting Computing, telecommunications,and Networking Services

Fallon (AB)

  • Computer Presentation Equipment

Total Funding Academic Year 1998-99: $30,000


Fall 1999

Paramjeet S. Bagga (TAS)

  • Non-Commercial Bionformatics Resources Available on The Internet

Jean Balutanski (OSS)

  • Speech RecognitionTechnology: A Proposal to Explore The Use of Speech Recognition Software By Ramapo College Faculty and Students

Fred Champlin (SAB)

  • Facilitating Student Learning in the MBA Program Through On-Line Communication

Constance Crawford (SAB)

  • Incorporate Technology Into Auditing Course

C.Duncan (CA)

  • Purchase of Nikon Scanner

Olga Leontovich, Thomas J. Heed (AIS)

  • American Studies: A Distant Learning Project BetweenRamapo College and Volgograd Pedagogical University

Valerie Massimo (SSHS)

  • On-Line Evaluation System

Karen Becker-Olsen (SAB)

  • Principles of Marketing – A Web-Based Course

Susan Scher (SSHS)

  • Use of Web Technology For Assignment of Social Work Students to Internship Sites

Trent Schroyer, Wayne Hayes (TAS)

  • The Environmental Studies Web Site (partially completed as of 9/18/00)
Year 1998

Fall 1998

Wayne Hayes (AIS)

  • The Public Policy Web Site

Thomas Heed (AIS)

  • How to Author Multimedia, Multi-disciplinary CDs or DVDs

Shalom Gorewitz (CA)

  • Underground Media Since 1950

Kay Fowler (DBS)

  • Developing a MOO

Jonathan Lipkin (CA)

  • Training Communication Arts Faculty

Rosetta Geller (DBS)

  • College Algebra Web Site

Grace Borowitz (TAS)

  • PCModel, PCSpartan and STN Express for Chemistry

Robert Mentore (TAS)

  • Computers in Chemistry Curriculum

Total Funding Academic Year 1998-99: $30,000