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Fall 2022 deadline: November 18

Spring 2023 deadline: March 24

IDC Workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Committee FAQ

Who can attend a TLTR meeting?

Anyone can attend a TLTR meeting if scheduled ahead of time with the committee chair.

Who can be a committee member?

The TLTR committee is made up of faculty and staff. Each unit should have one representative on the committee. Administration and professional staff can also join.

When does the committee meet?

TLTR meets once a semester.


Grant FAQ

When are the TLTR grant applications due?

The fall deadline for TLTR grant applications is every third Friday in November. For the spring, applications due every fourth Friday in March. The next deadline is March 31, 2022.

Is there a limit to how much I can ask for?

The TLTR’s budget is set by the Provost’s office. While there is no limit to the amount that can be requested, competition for limited grant funds might mean that the committee chooses to fund only a portion of a larger request (depending on the scope and items requested).

What happens if I can’t use the funding in the time specified in my grant application?

If you are unable to complete your project in the time specified within your application, you will be asked to resubmit your application during a future grants cycle.

How can I tell if my idea is appropriate for a TLTR grant?

If you are unsure if your idea is appropriate for a TLTR grant, feel free to contact the current Grants Committee chair(s) or the current TLTR Committee chair. We are always happy to help you develop your project or let you know of additional resources available on campus.

Does TLTR support the creation of websites?

TLTR is happy to support web-related or web-based projects. This is not the same as websites that may serve as a repository for student and/or faculty resources. Please see following examples of appropriate web-based TLTR funded projects:


The creation of websites is currently supported by Ramapo College. This service is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications. In addition to setting-up a website, staff are happy to either train you to maintain your site yourself or offer alternatives to the maintenance of your site (depending on the scope and size). Other tools, such as Google sites, are provided by ITS. As always, members of TLTR are happy to offer help and guidance in this area as well.

How are the grants considered?

The TLTR Grants Committee reviews applications with the TLTR Grant Rubric. Successful applications clearly tie back their projects to curriculum. Successful grant projects are also innovative and clearly demonstrate a need on campus that is not already being met by another product or service.

How does TLTR handle grant requests for subscription services?

Subscription services have successfully received funding in the past, but the applicants should consider alternate funding sources for subscription renewals as it is unsustainable for TLTR to continually fund product renewals.

Can I apply every semester?

Yes. However, if a semester is highly competitive and the Grants Committee receives applications which exceed the amount allotted for that semester, applicants who have not recently been awarded grants within the last 3 semesters will receive priority.