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Ramapo Success Story

“My time here at Ramapo has been such a positive experience. It is a privilege to work with students who are preparing for careers in the teaching field. I try to make the classroom material engaging so that they establish a solid foundation for learning that they can pass down to their own students when they become employed. I’m pleased that they feel comfortable enough to seek me out for guidance or just to chat. They know they can come to my office at any time or email me and I will get back to them as soon as possible. I cherish the relationships I’ve established with my students. Hopefully, they, too, will interact with their students in a caring and supportive way.”

–Julie Norflus-Good is the Director of the Master of Arts in Special Education and Associate Professor of Teacher Education and she first joined Ramapo in 2010. She also serves as President and Annual Conference Chair of the New Jersey Council for Exceptional Children. For more information, please visit Julie’s Faculty Profile.

Social Science and Human Services

Recent Publications

* Norflus-Good, J., DeGroot, A., Urbiel, A., & Schussler, M. (2016). Charter Schools and Special Needs Children: A Research Focus on Problems and Solutions Book Chapter in The Charter School Experience: Voices from the Field. Edited by Bitz, M. Sense Publishers, The Netherlands.

Good, J., DeGroot, A. Horton, A., (2015). Plunge into Flipping. An Instructional Strategy for 21st Century Learning.

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* Norflus-Good, J. (Spring, 2015) Wrote a Case Study for a Peer Reviewed Textbook. Sadeghi, Leila with Kathe Callahan, Educational Leadership in Action, Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

Norflus-Good, J. (Winter, 2015). And Take a Deep Breath! AMTNJ News 42 (1).

Norflus-Good, J. (Fall, 2014). I challenge you to challenge your students! AMTNJ News 41 (3).

Norflus-Good, J. Primary Author (April, 2004). Pushing Classroom Boundaries: Ramapo College Offers a Master’s in Special Education. Advertorial that was featured in the Star Ledger, Bergen Record, Suburban Trends. J-2.

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* Norflus-Good, J. & DeGroot, A. (Winter 2013). Choice Boards: The Alternative to Drill and Review. Journal School Administrators Association of New State. (42) 1.

*Peer Reviewed

Awards and Accomplishments

Recipient of the Student Recognized Faculty Scholar Student – Athlete Reception, April 2017, Kerianne Connor
Recipient of the 1st Student Recognized Faculty Scholar Student – Athlete Reception, April 2016, Amber Miller
Recipient of a Student Recognized Office of Specialized Services Award, May 2014
Recipient of the Beta Kappa Sigma and the Women’s Center Recognition Award, March 2014
Inducted in as an Honorary Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (first year students Honor Society) Ramapo College of New Jersey, 2013 (dedication and efforts in assisting first-year students with their transition to Ramapo College.)


Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
Doctor of Education in Educational Administration;
Doctoral Dissertation: The Impact of School-Based Management on New York City Teachers
Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Margaret Terry Orr

Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
Masters of Education in Educational Administration

Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
Masters of Arts Degree in Special Education

Hunter College, City University of New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Studio Art

Courses Known For

Undergraduate courses: Introduction to Special Education, Social Context of Education, Social Issues, Social Issues – Living-Learning Community section, Honors Interdisciplinary, Independent Study, Student Teaching, Student Teaching Seminar

Graduate courses: Administration and Supervision, Organization Leadership, Curriculum For Teacher as Leader (Distance Learning), Literacy For Diverse Populations, Literacy For Diverse Populations (Distance Learning), Educating All Populations, Educating All Populations (Distance Learning), Curriculum Development, Integrated Block Methods: Topics in Math/Science/Social Studies, Integrated Block Methods: Topics in Math/Science/Social Studies (Distance Learning), Methodologies For Teaching Across The Curriculum, Methodologies For Teaching Across The Curriculum (Distance Learning), Meeting The Instructional Needs Of Diverse Learners, Collaborative Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom, Collaborative Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom (Distance Learning), Meeting the Inst. Needs of Mild to Moderate Exceptional Students, Education of The Behaviorally Disordered