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Student Account Information

Important Student Accounts Information

  • Once a student registers for classes, the student is responsible for all charges associated with that semester
  • Changes to number of courses or academic status may result in reduction of financial aid. Any balance on a student account that results from a reduction in financial aid is the responsibility of the student Federal Financial Aid Refund and Repayment Policy
  • The registration process is not complete until a student’s term bill is paid-in-full, enrollment in a monthly payment plan, payment via financial aid, third party contract or tuition waiver, or any combination these by the appropriate payment deadline for the semester
  • Payment deferments can only be granted by the Office of Student Accounts prior to the payment deadline
  • Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in deregistration, dehousing, and the assessment of a Late Payment Fee. Students who are deregistered will be notified via their Ramapo email address
  • The College provides two types of online billing statements, both of which serve as the official College bill. Click here for more detailed information regarding the Account Summary screen and the electronic bill (e-bill)
  • The College does not send a paper bill in mail

Important Note: We encourage students to periodically review the real-time Account Summary by Term screen to see if any changes have been made to their account. Unsuspected changes could have adverse consequences.

Direct any questions to the Office of Student Accounts (201) 684-7495 or email

Methods of Payment

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