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Program Goals & Competencies

Mission, Goals, Competencies and Practice Behaviors 2021-2022

The Mission of the Social Work Program

The Social Work Program’s principal mission is to prepare students for beginning level professional generalist social work practice in a culturally diverse society and an increasingly global environment. Central to this mission is preparing students for a profession dedicated to assisting individuals, groups, families, and communities in their quest for well-being. The program is committed to teaching students to work for the development of a society that promotes equality, justice, respect for human diversity, and adequate sustenance for all of its members. The program seeks to train and encourage its students to be active, personally and professionally, in taking leadership roles in addressing social problems and challenging social, economic, and environmental injustice. The program is committed to developing students’ skills in culturally competent social work practice, research, social service and social policy formation, and political advocacy in order to further this mission.

Program Goals

  • To prepare undergraduate students firmly grounded with an interdisciplinary liberal arts education, social work values and ethical standards, an understanding of the social work profession’s history, purpose, and philosophical tenets.
  • To prepare students with the necessary competency skills for generalist beginning level professional social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in a culturally diverse society;
  • To prepare students with the knowledge, values, and skills to be competent social work professionals who can effectively advocate for the development of social policies and social service delivery systems that improve the well-being of client systems;
  • To prepare students to advocate, personally and professionally, for the alleviation and eradication of social problems, and to promote global social, economic, and environmental sustainability