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Interested in joining SGA? Instead of waiting for the spring elections, there is a position that you can have within the organization today. The position of Delegate was created so all students can have the opportunity to be as involved as they want to be on campus. In order to become a Delegate one must:

  1. Complete the mentorship program*
  2. Join at least one committee (listed on the home page)
  3. Serve a minimum of 1 office hour per week
  4. Attend all general meetings as well as bi-weekly delegate meetings
  5. Must volunteer for at least three SGA sponsored events throughout the year (Octoberfest, Founder’s Day, End of the Year Concert vetc.)
  6. Shadow an elected member**

*The mentorship program is a new initiative where Delegates select an elected or appointed member of SGA to shadow and learn from. The Delegate will spend at least 5 hours with that SGA member during the members’ office hours and weekly meetings to learn about the office and the goals and functions of SGA so that they can be ready to become active members within the organization.

**Shadowing an elected member will give delegates the opportunity to learn how to communicate with different parts of campus with the intent of making a change for the betterment of the student body. Along with this, delegates will further learn how SGA works in a hands-on way. Delegates will have to write their own liaison or cabinet reports just as the members they shadow would.

If you are interested in becoming a Delegate or have any questions, please stop by the SGA Office (SC-223).